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McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas, November 20, 1959

No. 10

Student Solicitors Named For Red Cross Bloodmobile

College Calendar

Blood donors are being recruited from Macollege faculty and students this week for the Dec. 4 visit of the Red Cross blood-mobile to Macampus.

Student solicitors met Tuesday evening, Nov. 17, with Mrs. Simon Strouse, co-chairman of the McPherson County Red Cross blood program: and Mrs. Homer Brunk, Red Cross college representative.

Mrs. Strouse explained the history of the blood program, the need for blood, and the uses made of the blood which is donated. Supplies and instructions for solicitation were given.

Anyone who has not volunteered may see Mrs. Elsie Holderead or Mrs. Homer Brunk for a donor registration card.

The bloodmobile equipment will be set up in the basement of the Church of the Brethren, and a McPherson doctor and both Red Cross and McPherson registered nurses will be on duty at the blood center at all times.

A free meal prepared by the

Home Economics Club will be served to all those volunteering to give blood.

Student captains will Conduct the solicitation for donors. The chairman of Dotzour Hall is Carol Cunningham. Dotzour solicitors arc first floor. Donelda Arick; second floor, Rosalie Barnett and Kathie Kestner; and third floor, Kathy Ratts.

The solicitors for Fahnestock Hall arc first floor, Ernie Griffith; second floor, Ken Watson; and third floor, Darry Melton.

Solicitors for Arnold Hall are: first floor, Galen Huffman; second floor, James Huber; and third floor, Elmer Gooding.

For Kline Hall the solicitors for the married couples are Mr. and Mrs. Hykes, and the solicitor for the boys is Ben Vaupl.

John Brand is the solicitor for the College Courts, Carol Duncan is the solicitor for the parsonage, and Gail Fillmore is the solicitor for Vainman Hall.

Tonight, Nov. 20 — “The Matchmaker” presented by the McPherson College Players at the Civic Auditorium at 8 p.m.

Tomorrow. Nov. 21 — KCAC Conference at Southwestern at Winfield.

Tomorrow. Nov. 21 — All school Sadie Hawkins party in the gym at 7:30.

Sunday. Nov. 22 — College CB YF in Multi-purpose room in church educational building at 6:30 p.m. with Lois Fager showing slides.

Monday. Nov. 23—MCA Thanksgiving Supper, Church Basement at 6 p.m.    

Tuesday, Nov. 24 Thanks-giving vacation starts at 5.00.

Monday. Nov. 30 — Classes resume at 7:45.

Tuesday, Dec. 1 — Tabor McPherson. Basketball Game at High School Gym.

Thursday, Dec. 3 — Moundridge Tournament starts with McPherson playing Bethany at 9.

Friday, Dec. 4 — Bloodmobile visit to the college.

Friday. Dec. 4 — College-Civic Orchestra Concert in Chapel at 8 p.m.

A scene from “The Matchmaker"

'Matchmaker' To Be Given Tonight By Macollege Players

“The Matchmaker by Pulitzer Prize winner Thornton Wilder will be presented tonight at 8 p.m. in the Civic Auditorium by the McPherson College Players under the direction of Prof. Peter Coul-

Front row: Johnny, Melissa, Timothy, Back row: Kay, Florence, Frances, Mr. Gregory. Anthony, twin bother of Tim- and Mrs. Calloway, and Bill. Kara sue othy, and Mike.    is not pictured.    \

Singing Calloways To Be Featured Here Sunday

KCAC Meets At Southwestern

The Singing Calloways, from Dodge City, Kansas, will present a program of religious, secular, and novelty numbers on Sunday afternoon. November 22. at 3:00 at the Brethren Church. The Calloways, who are very popular in western Kansas and in the Pikes Peak region, are a remarkable family in many ways.

The chorus, composed of Wilba L. Calloway and his singing 11 children, is accompanied by Mrs. Calloway at the piano. During the week, the Calloway's run Wilba Calloway and Sons Landscaping Service.

Eight of- the children play musical instruments. They play the drums, piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, cello, boss viol, and the violin. Mrs. Calloway is a natural musician and can play any musical number by ear.

Mr. Calloway majored in music at Langston University at Langston, Oklahoma, where he

graduated. Now the Calloway are striving to secure a college education for each of the children in the family.

The Calloways have no regular booker for their musical performances, but engagements are filled by requests which are writ-ten to them. Music is their greatest love, and they believe they, could do a much better job if ; they could spend all their time at music.

A number of honors and awards have been won by members of the family. They have won awards in Kansas high school music contests. Three of the girls have been twirlers and the others have played in the band of the high schools.

The public is invited to attend this program and a free will offering will be taken. The family will be entertained by the Altruist Class of the Church.

Various members of Macollege's organizations will be attending the KCAC meeting at Southwestern at Winfield tomorrow. Nov. 21.

It will consist of a workshop for each of the following groups: student government, student convocations, social activities, pep  activities, international relations.

publications, and religous life.

Each of the workshops will be dis-cuss ion.    

Christiane Brandt, German exchange student attending Mac, will lead the international relations workshop.

All of the student body presidents will meet together Friday evening.

All colleges in the Kansas Con- ference will be represented at this meeting.

Some of the important matters up for discussion will be the exchange chapel program, t h e sportsman pact, and the possibil - ity of each local college holding  a similar conference and work t shop for high schools in then area.

Macollege students will be admitted with their activity tickets A certain elderly merchant of Yonkers, New York. Horace Van dergelder — Raymond, Hull. McPherson, is now so rich he decides to remarry. He employs a matchmaker, Dolly Levi — Karen York, Hope

The matchmaker is a woman who subsequently becomes involv ed with two of his clerks, assorted ladies, and the headwaiter at  an expensive restaurant where this swift farce runs headlong in- to a hilarious climax of complication.

After everyone gels all straight ened out, romantically, and everyone has his heart's desire, the merchant of Yonkers finds himself engaged to the matchmaker herself.

He who was so shrewd in business is putty in the hands of the matchmaker. He is fooled by ap prentices in a series of hilarious hide-and-seek scenes, and finally has all his bluster explode in his face.

Mr. Vandergelder's neice, Erengarde, Suzane Hills, Wilmmgton, Md., wants to marry Ambrose Kemper, an artist, Loren Reyher.

Wiley. Colo. Mr. Vandergelder doesn't approve because Ambrose doesn't have a steady job.

Mr. Vandergelder's two clerks, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker are portrayed by Bill Winter, Wichita, and Ed Mohler. McPherson, respectively.

An attractive widow, Irene Mol-loy, Faye Brunner, McPherson, has been the object of Mr. Van-dergelder’s romantic plans until Mrs. Levi intervenes. Mrs. Mol-loy's millinery assistant, Minnie Fay, is played by Eileen Oilman, Enders, Neb Malachi Stack. Glen Faus, Man-heim, Penn., is an old man who is hired by Vandergelder as an ap-prentice. Kay Welter, McPherson, plays the part of Flora Van Huy-sen in whose house everyone gets straightened out.

Miss Van Huysen's cook is portrayed by Eloise Nelson, Inman. Mr. Vandergelder's aged housekeeper, Gertrude, is enacted by

Marilyn Hanley, South English, Iowa.

Kay Wallerich, Ollie, Iowa, plays the part of Joe Scanlon, Mr. Vandergelder's barber. Rudolf and August, two waiters are played by Ronald Bestwick, Sabetha, and Glen Draper. Eldora, Iowa. Dick Sitts, Conway, is a New York cabman.

The stage manager for the play is Jerald Edwards. The running crew is under the direction of the stage manager. Members of this crew are Ken Watson, Larry King, Orville Neufeld, George Snyder, and Arcelio Lopez.

Violet Oliver and Terry Gari-bay, costumes and JoAnn Negley, Jan Stansel and Beth Kinzie, properties. JoNelle Thoreen is house manager.

Party Ends WPA Week

Vacation Begins On Tuesday

Trio Leaves For Slate Tour

The Macollege Ladies Trio con sisting of Pat Albright, Pretty Prairie; Carolyn Fillmore. Belle Plain and Margaret Lehman, Warrensburg, Mo : and Shirley Simpson, Farnsworth. Tex., accompanist, left on tour today.

The trio will be accompanied on their tour by Harvey Lehman, director of public relations. The lour will include churches in Iowa, Nebraska, and possibly Missouri.

Thanksgiving vacation begins Nov. 24 at 5:00 p.m. and lasts through Sunday, Nov. 29.

During this period students will be going to their homes and various other places to spend the holiday. The dormitories will remain open, but the cafeteria will close.

Coach Sid Smith announces that there will be no basketball practice during vacation.

For those students who live sc far from home that they cannot be there for Thanksgiving, facul ty and community families usual ly invite these students into their homes (or the holiday vacation.

The Sadie Hawkins party is to-morrow night in the gymnasium at 7:30. Everyone is urged to wear costumes.

The program consists of the Grand March, a crowning ceremony for the best costume, a skit by Chaff, and a demonstration by the folk games class on folk games from foreign countries.

The social committee and recreational council are in charge of the party. Social committee  members are: Larry King, chairman, Ron Harden, Terrell Phe-nice, Carolyn Cotton, and Gail Fillmore

The churches scheduled on this hour are Prairie City, Iowa. Sunday morning, Nov. 22: Fairview Church, Udell, Iowa. Sunday afternoon; Mt. Etna, Iowa. Monday Nov. 23.

Recreation council members are Emilie Rowland, Esther Bol-inger, Lynn Christy, and Joe Looker.

Council Bluffs, Iowa. Tuesday, Nov. 24. There is an open date on Wednesdsay. Nov. 25 when the group may go to the North Bethel Church in Mound City, Mo.

Thursday, nov. 26. Lincoln, Neb.; Friday, Nov. 27, Beatrice, Neb.; Sunday morning. Nov. 29. South Beatrice Church. Holmes-ville, Neb.; and Sunday afternoon. Bethel Church, Carleton, Neb.

Keim; Wagoner Attend Moundridge College Day

Paul Wagoner, alumni secretary, and George Keim, assistant director of physical education, attended a College Day at Moundridge Nov. 18.

Several high schools in the Mid-Kansas League were represented that day. They were Mound-ridge, Halstead, Haven, Bunion, Buhler, Inman, Nickerson, and Pretty Prairie.

November 20, 1959 The Spectator, Page 2

Pondering With The President

Why Are The Arches In The Catacombs?

Dr. D. W. Bittinger

Not so long ago Irene and I walked in the catacombs which border the Appian Way outside Rome. We entered them reverently. As we desended the winding stairs and passageways which were lighted by candles stuck in small openings in the rocks, nine teen hundred years of time rolled backward.

It seemed to us that from deep underground we could hear the voices of Christians singing. Their tones seemed confident; they seemed to sing victory even though death might be waiting near at hand. We thought we could hear the testimony of Peter. Paul, Barnabas, a thousand others, coming to us out of the darkness. Some of these names could still be read on the rocks where they had been written with candle smoke, centuries ago. There were eight miles of these catacombs. Here Christians who had died for their faith were buried. Every grave of a Christian who had died a martyr was marked by an arch, either carved in the rock or bricked up above the grave.

There were 120,000 such arches!

We came out of the catacombs to look with in-quiring eyes at each other and at our fellow compan-

Would we give our lives for our faith?

What was our faith? Did we have any possessive faith?

This question has haunted us since.

Are the students at McPherson College developing a faith? Can they live for it? Would they die for it? Do we have a faith which can help us to grow toward a more glorious day—ever this kingdom for which we pray, “Thy Kindom Come."

The Spectator



Official Student Publication of McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas Published every Friday during the school year by the Stu-dent Council. Subscription — $2.00 a year.


Thanksgiving Supper Changed To Monday

The MCA Thanksgiving Supper has been changed to Monday. Nov. 23, at 6 p.m. It will be held in the social room of the church basement.

Director of admissions, Wilbur Mullen and his wife will be speaking. Head host and hostess will be Mr. and Mrs. David Hykes.

Admission is $1.00 each and Jo-Nelle Thoreen is in charge of ticket sales.

LITTLE man on campus


Spec To Change Editors For Next School Semester

Dennis Hubbard will be the editor-in-chief of the next issue of the Spectator, and Larry Elliot campus editor, will assume the responsibilities of managing editor. This issue of the Spec will be published on Friday after Thanksgiving vacation.

Changing Job The editorship of the Spectator changes each semester as the editor - in - chief retires and the managing editor advances to that position. The position of managing editor filled by the former campus editor and a new campus editor is chosen by the Board of Publications.

The policy of the Spectator is to allow each managing editor to be in charge of a practice issue before assuming the full responsibilities of editor-in-chief.

Actually, Dennis is now carrying-out the responsibilities of editor-in-chief for Faye Brunner who

is practice teaching. Faye has been assuming the duties of Dennis' official position of managing editor.

Editor’s Duties

Duties of the editor - in - chief are: making out the dummy copy, deciding what goes into the Spec, writing editorials, deciding on policies of the Spectator, and determining the make-tip of the paper and the size heads for each article.

Every Thursday afternoon the editor-in-chief and Mrs. Homer Brunk. Spectator advisor, spend the afternoon at the McPherson Sentinel Office setting up and proof-reading the paper.

Grab your books, from Genesis on down, and throw them into the sea But it's you who'll splash in wet revelations.

And In This Corner

Deadline Sounds Heard In Ever-Present Rush

By Faye Brunner

Have you ever listened to the sounds of workers rushing to meet deadlines? Have you ever felt the tension that mounts as you push yourself forward to the everpresent deadline?

As I write this editorial, I hear three sounds of work striving in its frantic battle to meet the deadline.

A hammer drives nails into fresh wood, bent on holding the material tightly by its sharp-tipped brothers. A play is to be given and sets must be made; the stage must come alive; a deadline must be met!

In the next room band music swells and crescendoes into feverish heights as a director manipulates the rythym, volume, and tempo by means of his hands. The group is stopped, started, pleaded with, even threatened to become polished, to become listenable, to meet a deadline.

Deadline sounds are also quiet sounds. The silent swish of papers as a teacher prepares his grades for the registrar; the nervous chewing of a pencil as a student finishes his term paper; the quickend heartbeat of a boy or girl making a decision to meet a deadline.

Church To Try New Program

The McPherson Church of the Brethren is beginning to use a Undershepherd program. In this program, the entire congregation will be divided into flocks of 6-to-12 members each, with each flock having a shepherd or flock leader.

The purpose of this program is to get people better acquainted with the other members of the

congregation and to have a closer fellowship among the members.

These flock meetings will be in the homes of members. The first one will be held Sunday night.

Stage Band To Appear On Hutchinson TV

The Macollege Stage Band is scheduled to appear on TV. Thursday. Dec. 3 at 7:25 a.m. on KTVH, Channel 12.

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November 20, 1959 The Spectator, Page 3

Canine Cagers Shoot For Conference Top

Macollege Bulldogs Finish Football Season With 4-5 Record

The McPherson College Bulldogs have finished another football season. This year the team has a four win and five loss record for the entire season and a three win and four loss record for conference play.

The first game of the season was against Panhandle A. & M. McPherson was defeated 14-0, but played very well in this game. McPherson defeated -Sterling 19-6 in the second game. McPherson continued its winning ways by overpowering Bethel 28-6 in the third game and the first conference game.

The Bulldogs then went to Baker and while not playing well, were defeated 24-0 in the rain.

C. of E. then came to Mac and the Bulldogs tried very hard to pull an upset. While nearly playing the Presbies even, they were defeated 14-0. C. of E. went on to win the conference undefeated.

The Bulldogs then went to Kansas Wesleyan for an afternoon game and were defeated 7-6. The Quakers of Friends then came to Mac. bringing with them their passing attack, and were defeated by the Bulldogs 39-19 at homecoming.

The Braves of Ottawa then attacked the Bulldogs and took home a victory 19-6. McPherson then finished the season with a

Maplestick Season Begins With Tabor Here, Dec. 1

The McPherson College Bulldogs cage practice is now under way. Twenty-six boys, including six letterman, make up the


The returning lettermen include Clifton Baile, a 6’3” sophomore from Warrensburg, Mo.; Dennis Brunner, a 5'11" senior from McPherson; Richard Heidebrecht, a 6' senior from McPherson; Bryce Heinz, a 5*11" senior who hails from Dighton: Ivan Prochaska, a 6'4" junior out of Glasco; and Garth Werner, a 6'1” junior from Winona.


Other Bulldog cage tryouts include Lloyd Albin, Larry Crum-rine. Don Elliot. Deryl Elmore. Stuart Frazier. Elmer Gooding. John Heidebrecht. Arthur Hoch, Donavon Koehn. Gary Metsker.

Nick Dollhoff. Richard Keefer. Jerry Poff. David Priddy. William Rhinehart. Tom Richards Ralph Rindt. LeRoy W e d d l e. Garth Wood, and Carl Werner.

The boys are working in preparation for what promises to be a tough cage season, with some top powers in the KAC.


The McPherson Bulldogs schedule is as follows:

Dec. 1—Tabor at McPherson Dec. 3 & 5—Moundridge Tourney

Dec. 8—McPherson at Southwestern

Dec. 12—McPherson at Sterling Dec. 15—Ottawa at McPherson Dec. 17—McPherson at C. of E. Dec. 28-29-30 — Holiday Tourney Jan. 5— Bethany at McPherson Jan. 8—McPherson at Friends Jan. 13—Baker at McPherson Jan. 16 -McPherson at Wesley-

Jan. 22—Bethel at McPherson Jan. 27—Southwestern at McPherson

Jan. 29—Sterling at McPherson Jan. 30—McPherson at Tabor Feb. 2—McPherson at Ottawa Feb. 6—C. of E. at McPherson Feb. 10— McPherson at Bethany Feb. 12—Friends at McPherson Feb. 17—McPherson at Baker Feb. 20—Wesleyan at McPher

Feb. 23—McPherson at Bethel A games at 8 p.m.

B. games at 6:15 p.m.

victory over the Bethany Swedes at Lindsborg 28-14. McPherson actually had a bigger edge in this game than the score showed.

The Bulldogs seem to agree that C. of E., Ottawa, and Panhandle were the best teams that they played against. C. of E. is voted as having the best all-around attack.

Max Grossnickle of Laurens, Iowa, and Marvin Keck of McPherson were elected co-captains of the 1959 Football team. They were elected by the football team by a vote that was taken before the homecoming game.

Max was a senior guard on the team. Although a lineman does not score, Max played a very important role with his timely blocks and his power to break through the line and make many tackles.

Marvin was a senior fullback who did a lot of ball lugging for the Bulldogs. He also did nearly all the punting, averaging 33.9 yards a kick for 28 punts.

The Bulldogs outscored and had a higher total offensive yardage than their opponents. They scored 20 TDs to 18 for their opponents and averaged 251 yards per game to 214 yards per game for their opponents.

Bryce Heinz led the team in total rushing with an average of 4 8 yards per carry. In passing, Richard Heidebrecht completed 41 of 96 passes and averaged 14.7 per pass. In pass receiving, Tom Richards caught 15 passes for 287 yards and Heinz caught 16 passes for 257 yards.

Heinz and Richards each scored 5 touchdowns for 30 points to lead the Bulldogs in scoring.

Volleyball Played For Seven Weeks

The intramural volleyball teams have played for seven weeks. These are the results of six weeks of ploy TEAM

Brown-Browning Robert Unrau Norman Brammel Baile-Hoover Monk-Jones Dresher-Reynolds Hubbard-Draper Frazier-Peterson Royer-Fillmore Albin-Lahman Rex Morris Mohler-Brown Wilson-Sanders Hudson Sadd Roush-Fager Weaver-Thoreen Reed-Cotton Ruhser-Simpson Hadley-Wymore Stoner-Fillmore Otte-Rowland Huffman-Stoner


8    1

8    1

5    1

7    2

7    2

7    2

7    2

6    3

4    3

3    4

3    4

3    5

3    (i

3    7

2    5

2    6

1    6

1    8

0    8

Mac Juniors Speak To McPherson AAUW

Lois Fager and Christiane Brandt, juniors, spoke to the McPherson Branch of the American Association of University Women Monday evening. Nov. 16.

Hawley Hardware

   219 N. Main

McPherson Cab Co.

Phone 760 301 E. Euclid

Moundridge Tournament Scheduled For Dec. 3, 5

The McPherson College Bulldogs will participate in the Ninth Annual Central Collegiate Basketball Tournament at Moundridge on the nights of Thursday, Dec. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 5. along with the other participating colleges, Bethany, Bethel, and Tabor.

The four participating colleges sponsor the tournament themselves, and play for a Challenge Trophy. This trophy must be won three years in succession for per manent possession. It is provided by the citizens of the Moundridge community.

Bethel retired the first Challenge Trophy by winning the tournament in 1954, 1955, and 1956. Presently, Bethany has a string of two wins going, by winning in 1957 and 1958.

Bethany is expected to return this year with a powerful team with hopes of retiring the trophy. The other competing colleges are set to go all out in their effort to prevent Bethany from taking home the second Challenge Trophy.

The split night arrangement of playing on Thursday and Saturday nights has met with great favor. It gives high school coa

ches and players the opportunity of playing their own games on Friday night.

Each year one of the participating colleges furnish the Official Tournament Band. This year Tabor College will provide the band. Games start at 7 30 each night. Tickets for both nights will be on sole on campus.

The officials for the tournament will be Jack Ward of Newton. and Ross Estes, football coach at McPherson High.

Admissions Director Visits High Schools

Wilbur Mullen, director of admissions, attended College Days Nov. 10-11 at the high schools in Concordia, Belleville, and Beloit.

Mr. Mullen visited prospective students in the north west area of Kansas Nov. 17. He also attended a College Day at the high school in Hoxie on that same day.


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November 20, 1959 The Spectator, Page 4

Various Connotations Gives To Thanksgiving Holiday

Mac Debaters Tie For First

As the holidays draw nigh, the Spirit of All Things Good greets you and we take time to think about the different connotations put on Thanksgiving by different groups of people.

Students First of all we shall sweep the home doorstep clean by saying that students usually associate this time as one in which they give their books a holiday, because the poor books have been so overworked in the preceding weeks.

The professors op the other hand work their minds and books overtime, while they dream up shotguns and final exams to give to the students free of cost, after the grand holiday.

dinner table.

All over town merchants sigh relief for now it is safe to advertise for the annual money grab — Christmas — if their signs are not already up, they are put up

Then there arc people to whom Thanksgiving is a day of feasting, recreation, relaxation, and family reunion.

The labor unions find this a good time to get a day's pay for resting, while the employer gives no thanks because he feels he is being robbed by his employees.


The day of rest is not true in the case of the housewife who finds plenty of activity in the kitchen preparing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

While the housewife is working, the local grocer is relaxing and counting the pile of greenbacks with pride. He is beaming all over because of the profit he made selling turkeys and extra food.

However, in the turkey family the happiness is not so abundant for today is funeral day in honor of their members who have gone to the great beyond — somebody’s

This is a fairly complete picture of Thanksgiving in the 20th Century, but wait a minute! Where is the unselfish giving of thanks for which this day was originally intended? Sometimes it is hard to find, being buried under all the selfishness.

Do not forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving this year and as you are in holidays give thanks to God. Giver of everything that we have.

Daughter Burn To Mac Music Professor

Miss Carol Ruth Frederick, daughter of Professor and Mrs. Donald K. Frederick, was born Nov. 14 and weighed seven pounds and 14 ounces.

The Fredericks have three other children: Denny, a sophomore at McPherson High: Susan who is in the 7th grade, and Joey who is one-year-old.

Ham, Turkey To Be Served

Ham and turkey will be the main attractions at the teacher appreciation buffet supper Tuesday, Nov. 24. The supper will be served in the church social rooms at 6:15. Mary Jo Christy has charge of the meal preparation.

Faye Brunner will act as the mistress of ceremonies. Following the program the group will divide into discussion groups to discuss the role of the supervising teacher.

This is the third year the student teachers have served an appreciation dinner for their supervising teachers. The administrators from the schools in which student teachers are located are also invited.

Several Macollege faculty members will also be attending.

Eight Macollege debaters participated in the Debate Tourney held Saturday, Nov. 14, at Kansas State University.

All of the teams won at least one or more rounds, with the teams of Kenneth Watson and Orville Neufeld, and Charlotte Erritt and Billy Mitchell winning three out of four rounds.

Other debaters who participated were Gary Ross, Dick Sitts, Sandra Walty and Lester Zook.

The squad tied for first place with Emporia State and the University of Wichita. The plaque went to the University of Wichita for first on the basis of speaker rankings.

Mrs. Mary Lou Zook and Don Hollenbeck accompanied the squad to help with judging. Prof. Hayes was very well pleased with the showing of the teams. None of the debaters had been in varsity debate before.

A total of 16 colleges and universities were represented at the tourney held at Manhattan.

The debate question was: Resolved — That Congress should be given the power to reverse decisions of the Supreme Court.

Today and tomorrow. Nov. 21 and 22. the Macollege debate team will participate in a debate tourney at the University of Wichita.

Then, the next debate tournament for the squad will be Dec.

10. 11. and 12 at Southwestern at Winfield.

McPherson College will sponsor the McPherson Economy Debate on Saturday, Jan. 9.

Bridgewater To Have Thanksgiving Meeting

Two carloads of Macollege students are planning to attend the Brethren Student Conference at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Va., November 26-29. They will leave immediately following the dismissal of school for Thanksgiving vacation.

Prof. Dale Brown, a faculty leader for the conference, will accompany the group.

The conference theme is "The Gone Generation?" In preparation, the students have been reading a booklet entitled "How True Are You?"

Friday morning's worship will be led by the McPherson delegates.

Freshmen End Orientation

The freshman orientation course ended with the nine-week test Wednesday, Nov. 11. Grades will not be given until the end of the semester, however.

The course is designed to help students become acquainted with McPherson College and to help freshmen make the change from high-school to college life.

Also, it helps the students de-clop good study habits and can help personality through the books used in the course. Dean Wayne F. Geisert says that the “response to orientation has been good."

New textbooks were used in the orientation course this year.

Turner, Woodin

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Turner. Lanark, III., announce the engagement of their daughter, Shirley, to Mr. Paul Woodin, son of Mr. Rex Woodin, Polo, III.

Shirley is a Macollege senior majoring in elementary education.

No wedding date has been set.

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Brunk Plans To Attend National Council Meet

Mrs. Homer Brunk, associate professor of English, plans to attend the National Council of Teachers of English. The meeting is to be held in Denver, Colo., Nov. 26-28.

The meeting consists of a num-ber of discussion groups in many areas of language arts. The topic of one of the groups Mrs. Brunk plans to attend is "The Elimination f ro m the Curriculum of Freshman English as it is now Taught”.

Mrs. Brunk also plans to attend a workshop on "Language Arts Methods” and a meeting for "College Teachers of Composition and Communications."

Mr. and Mrs. Brunk plan to drive, and will be gone from Nov. 25-29.

Mixed Quartet To Give Thanksgiving Program

The mixed quartet of McPherson College will present a Thanks giving program Nov. 25. at Walton High School. The program will consist of singing by the quartet and devotions.

Wilbur Mullen, director of admissions, will accompany the group to Walton.

Glenn Gayer, former student of Macollege, is a member of the Walton High School faculty.

Members of the quartet are: Rowena Carr, soprano: Marcene Gridley, alto; Jan Brallier, bass; Nelson Stump, tenor.

Mac Senior Speaks At Red Cross Meetintg

Allen Driver, Macollege senior, told of his experiences in Breth ren Volunteer Service at the Red Cross Executive Committee lunch eon. Allen was the guest speak er at the luncheon, which was held at the Warren Hotel, Monday, Nov. 9.

Allen told how he worked with the Red Cross in Austria during the Hungarian situation.

Allen spent 21 months in Europe under BVS, three of which he served in Austria.

Allen also spoke before the Ki-wanis Club two weeks before on Oct. 27, telling of his experiences in BVS.

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