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Hear The Concert

McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas, May 3, 1957

No. 28

Mac Faculty Completed As College Employs Six

will be a freshman at McPherson College next year, and another son in the elementary grades.

Band Director

Dwight Oltman, Macollege junior from Enders, Nebr., has been appointed as director of the College Concert Band for next year. He will also lead the Marching band. This will be under the overall supervision of Prof. Don Frederick, head of the Music Department.

Dwight has had wide experience in the field of directing instrumental music. He has directed music in his local community and has taught piano and instrumental music to as many as fifty private students throughout his high school career and during the summers following his high school work.

During the summer he also directs the Municipal Band at Imperial, Nebr., which is composed of high school and adult participants.

While he has been a student at McPherson College he has been an assistant in the Music Department; he has directed the marching band during the past year. In addition, he has taught some private students here in McPherson, also.

He has studied band at Western State College and has attended the Musicians Workshop at Sioux City. Iowa.

Dean of Women

Mrs. Kenneth C. Bechtel will serve as acting Dean of Women next year, replacing Dr. Mary Fee, who is retiring to end a long teaching career. Mrs. Bechtel is at present the assistant in the library at McPherson College.

Mrs. Bechtel has had experience as counsellor of youth both in church and college relationships. She has served on the Board of Christian Education at the McPherson Church of the Brethren for many years.

She is the mother of four children; Gene, a law student at Washington University in Washington, D. C.; Bob, a teacher and coach

George Arnold

College Calendar

Tonight, "Life with Mother," three-act play in the Community Building at 8 p.m.

Tomorrow, Band Concert in the chapel at 8 p.m.

Sunday, May 5, Ministerial retreat beginning at 12 noon.

Monday, May 6, Ag Club Picnic from 4-8 p.m.

Tuesday. May 7, Chapel Choir Picnic.

Friday, May 10, All School's Day.

Saturday, May 11, M Club Banquet.

Fike, Harris Chosen To Be Council President, Treasurer

Duane Fike will assume the responsibilities next fall as the student body president, and Carl Harris will be student body treasurer. They were elected in the election before Easter vacation.

Duane will be a senior next fall. He is an English major from Ramona, Kas., and plans to teach high school English and speech.

Duane has been a class representative on the Student Council for two years, and he is chairman of the Student Council SUR Committee, and a member of the Board of Publications,

Duane has been active in the journalism and dramatics activities of the college as well as Men's Council and FTA.

As president Duane will preside over the Student Council and present their judgment to the faculty and administrative officials. He will sit on all Student Council committees and advise

May 10 Deadline Set For Pre-Enrollment

Pre-enrollment for the fall team of the 1957-58 school year at Macollege ends on Friday, May 10. Stu-dents should see their counselors In pre-enrolling.

The 1957-58 college catalogs and pre-enrolling material are available in the Central Office.

These red-headed actors are to play roles as members of the Clarence Day family, all of whom have red hair.

The play, presented by the Players' Club will begin at 8 p.m. in the Community Building. Admission will be by activity tickets or paying $1 for adults and 50 cents for students.

Barbara King, junior from Pampa, Texas, has a lead role as mother Day. Father Day is played by Duane Fike, junior from Ramona, Kas.

The Day family, normally upset, is further upset by the ar-

The faculty for next year has been completed. George Arnold, Elgin, Ill., has been employed as assistant professor in the field of physics and mathematics. Elmer Ruhser, Barnum, Minn., will be chief engineer and associate in grounds and maintenance.

Dwight Oltman will direct the college band. Mr. Ross Potwin and Max McAuley, McPherson, will be teaching part time. Mrs. Kenneth C. Bechtel will be the acting Dean of Women.

Physics Prof,

George Arnold has been employed as assistant professor in the field of physics and mathematics.

After graduation from Elgin High School, George took his college work at Manchester College, North Manchester, Ind. While there he specialized in physics and mathematics and secured his degree with a physics major.

Following graduation he received a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin to work on his master's and Ph. D. For two years there, he has been continuing his studies; he has been a teaching assistant in the physics department.

He secured his M. S. degree in physics and has continued his work toward the Ph. D. through the present year.

George is highly recommended by instructors under whom he has worked, both at Manchester and at the University of Wiscon-in. He has been outstanding, not only as a student but also as a participant and leader in the life of the college and university which he has attended.

He was married in June of 1956 to Donna George of Covington. Ohio. While he has been pursuing his work at the University of Wisconsin. she has been teaching in the local schools.

George is a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics society, and Sigma Pi Sigma, physics society.

Chief Engineer

Elmer Ruhser of Barnum, Minnesota, has been employed as Chief Engineer and Associate in Grounds and Maintenance at McPherson College.

Mr. Ruhser has been head custodian of the Barnum public schools for more than fifteen years. In addition to this, he has served as head maintenance man in churches and in other institutions in Barnum.

He comes higly recommended for his ability in this kind of work, for his personal character and trustworthiness, and for his energetic leadership.

He is a churchman and active in the affairs of his community. He has four children; one daughter already married, one son em-ployed in Barnum, one son who

Elmer Ruhser

at Iola, Kas.; Muriel and Kenny Bill at home.

She holds a B. S. Lit. degree from Bethany Biblical Seminary in Chicago. Her husband is the teacher of sociology and German at McPherson College.

Next fall, Ross Polwin, retiring superintendent of schools in McPherson, will teach the course, the secondary school, which is in the block system. The class meets at the usual time, 11:25 each day.

Max McAuley, a former McPherson professor, will teach instructions methods in the elementary block.

Mr. McAuley will be the principal at Washington Elementary School next year.

His class will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 -7:45 p.m.

Region Sets Macollege Day

Churches of the Brethren in the Western Region have established May 19 as McPherson College Sunday. A goal of $615,300 has been established for the Western Region churches’ share in the $750,000 over-all campaign goal for the college.

From year to year local or area teachers are utilized in the McPherson College evening school, or are brought in for certain courses in which they have special interest and ability. This is in accord with good educational practice in that it ties experience into college offerings. Dr. D. W. Bittinger, Macollege president has stated.

the treasurer in making out the budget.

Carl Harris, sophomore from Jennings, La., has been active in student activities his first two years at college. This year he is the president of the sophomore class, the sophomore Sunday school class, and the McPherson College Players’ Club.

Next year Carl will be Editor-in-Chief of the Spectator. He is Managing Editor this semester. Carl has been in three dramatic productions of the college as well as many skits.

In addition, he has participated in Church Choir, Chapel Choir, Men's Council, Recreational Council, Debate Squad, Intramural Volleyball, MCA, and CBYF.

His duties as treasurer will include making and presenting the yearly budget as well as paying all the bills in taking care of the financial transactions of the stu-dent body.

Harris To Edit Next Spectator

Carl Harris managing editor, will edit the next issue of the Spectator as he prepares for what

will be his position on the Spec staff next fall.

Saturday will be the publication day for the Spectator next week since Friday is a holiday in McPherson and the printing office will be closed most of the day. However, the staff will be meeting the usual deadlines, and the paper will carry a Friday dateline.

Carl, a sophomore, is from Jennings, La., where he edited his high school paper. This is his third semester on the Spec staff. He reported one semester and was campus editor.

Sherland Ng, freshman from Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, will be the managing editor. JoAnn Neg-ley, freshman from Durham, Kas., will be the campus editor.

rival of Bessie Fuller Logan, a former fiancee of Mr. Day who is still interested in catching him. Mother Day, who has never had an engagement ring, is especially upset when site finds that Bessie Logan is still wearing an engagement ring that Mr. Day gave her.

Sandra Mitchell plays the part of Bessie Fuller Logan.

The four red-headed sons of the Day family are: Whitney, played by Terry Spitzer; John, played by Larry King; Clarence, played by Don Cotton; and Harlan, played by Richard Zeller, son of Rev. and Mrs. Harry K. Zeller.

Beverly Hall plays the part of Hazel Willoughby. Clarence's fiancee. Hazel’s mother is played by Donna Rhoades.

Cousin Cora is played by Joan Walters, and her husband Clyde Miller is played by Forrest Kru-schwitz.

Donna Davidson, Lois Fager. and Vera Mohler play the parts of the three maids in the play. Billy Joe Hildreth is the coachman.

Dale Shenefelt is Dr. Humphrey, and he will also be the stage manager for the play. His assistants backstage are Terry Spitzer and Ed Switzer.

Lights and properties will be handled by Rickie Hood and Larry King. Mary Lou Wise and assistants will take care of make-up.

Costumes will be handled by Donna Davidson, Vera Mohler, and JoAnn Negley, Beverly Hall and Lois Fager are in charge of small properties.

The prompters are JoAnn Neg-ley and Shirley Williams.

Prof. Dayton Rothrock is directing the play.

Duane Fike receives the gavel from Don Colberg, and Carl Harris accepts the accounts from Norris Harms as they prepare to assume the duties as president and treasurer of the Student Body for the next year. Duane and Carl were elected in a student body election.

(Don's Studio)

Actors Dye Hair For Comedy Tonight

The new flaming red hair-dos seen around campus this week are not a new fad or the result of an epidemic, but are part of the preparation of the cast for tonight’s production of “Life With Mother,” a comedy in three acts by Howard Lindsay and Richard Crouse.

The Spectator 2 May 3, 1957

Trackmen To Enter Doane Night Relays

Eleven tracksters may represent Macollege in the 1957 annual night relays at Doane, Neb., on Tuesday, May 7.

Some of the probable entrees are Ronald Anderson, who holds the discus throw record of 145' 11" of the meet; Jerry McPherson, weight contests; Galen Stu-cky, Don Golberg, Tom Ragland, Don Widrig, Richard and John Heidebrecht, Sid Smith, Dick Bit-tinger, and Marlo Oltman, running events.

Each man who places in the meet will receive a medal, and each winning relay team will receive a trophy.

This track meet has two divisions, the senior and junior divisions. McPherson College is entered in the senior division.

Five-Team Meet

Macollege Bulldogs picked up their first win in league track meets April 25 on 631/2 points in a five-team meet, including C. of E., Kansas Wesleyan, Bethel, Southwestern of Winfield.

Two new McPherson College records were set daring the meet, as Gene Elliott cleared 12 feet 3 inches in the pole vault, and Ronald Anderson tossed the shot 43 feet 101/2 inches.

McPherson tallied five first places as did Emporia, while Wesleyan took 3, Bethel one, and Southwestern one. Following is

Golfers Win

Mac's golf team again hit the winning column as they defeated Wesleyan in a close 8-7 match on the Country Club course Wednesday, April 24.

Lee Danyluk continued his fine game and was medalist posting a 40 for the first nine holes and a 38 for the second for a total of 78. Following is a summary of scoring:

Danyluk (M)




Taylor (KW)




Morris (M)




Gray (KW)




Heisey (M)




Stevens (KW)




VanBlaricum (M)




Engel (KW)




Pigott (M)




Pearce (KW)






42 80

Webb (E)




Phillips (F)








Paulin (E)




Link (F)








Wagner (E)




Hoyt (F)








O'Neil (F)








Markham (F)




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Tennis Men Beat C Of E; Tie Baker; Lose To KSTC

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the summary on scoring for Mac.

Mile run — 2, Colberg, 3, Bit-tinger, 4, Melton. Winning time 4:42.8.

440-yard dash — 4, Ragland, 5, Heidebrecht. Winning time 51.4.

100-yard dash — 4, Widrig, Winning time 10.2.

High hurdles — 3, Ragland. Winning time 15.8.

880-yard run — 2, G. Stucky, 5, Oltman. Winning time 2:03.5.

220-yard dash — 5, Heidebrecht. Winning time 22.8.

2-mile run — 1, Colberg, 2, Bit-tinger, 4, Melton. Time - 10:44.8.

Mile relay — McPherson time 3:32.4.

Pole vault — Elliott, 1, Zook tie for 5. Height 12 feet 3 inches.

High jump — 3, Heidebrecht. Height winning 5 feet 11 inches.

Shot — 1, Anderson. 43 feet 101/2 inches.

Javelin — 2, Widrig. Winning throw 188 feet 11 inches.

Broad jump — 5, Widrig. Winning distance 21 feet 5 inches. Discus — 1, Anderson. 148 feet

1/2 inch.

Triangular Meet In their season opener the Macollege track and field team finished a close second to Baker University in a triangular meet at Salina. Two points spelled the difference in the meet winner and Wesleyan took third in the meet.

McPherson showed strength in the field events and distance runs but lacked speed in dashes as they captured 6 first places in the

5    events making up the meet. This was Mac’s first meet and

only one before Easter vacation due to weather conditions.

Macollege’s golf team continued is winning spree as they downed Friends University and C. of E. in a triangular meet on April 25. McPherson scored 194 points while Friends was second with seven.

Lee Danyluk was again the medalist with a 38 and a 42 for 80. Following is the individual scoring for the meet:

McPherson tennis squad has had a full schedule since vacation meeting Kansas State Teachers' College at Emporia, Baker University, and College of Emporia.

The Mac racket squad lost to tough Emporia State, 6-3. The meet was played in a cold strong wind and sleet. This was the first loss for the team.


Pulford defeated Wyngard: 6-4, 7-5.

Wolf lost to Circle: 6-1, 6-0.

Royer defeated Elrod: 6-4, 4-6, 6-2.

Eisele defeated Schraber: 6-3, 4-6, 6-2.

Likhite lost to Riecheraeber: 6-3, 6-1.

Smith lost to Romano: 6-0, 6-2.


Pulford and Wolf lost to Wyngard and Circle: 6-4, 8-6.

Royer and Eisele lost to Elrod and Romano: 4-6, 6-1, 6-0.

Likhite and Smith lost to Schraber and Riecheraeber: 6-2, 6-0.

The Macollege netsters finally settled for a 4-4 tie with the strong Baker University squad. Included in the opposition was Don Kukuk, conference champion.


Pulford defeated Trowbridge: 6-2, 6-4.

Wolf lost to Heines: 6-4, 6-3.

Royer defeated Smith: 6-3, 6-2.

Eisele lost to Faulkner: 1-6,

6-1, 6-3.

Likhite defeated Tucker: 6-0,



Pulford and Wolf lost to Trowbridge and Kukuk, 6-3, 6-2.

Royer and Eisele defeated Heines and Smith: 8-6, 4-6, 6-4.

Wenger and Carlson lost to Faulkner and Tucker, 4-6, 6-1, 4-6.

The Bulldogs defeated the C of E Presbies, 8-1. The only loss was by the first doubles team.


Royer defeated Muck: 8-6, 6-3.

Pulford defeated Tice: 6-2, 6-1.

Wolf defeated Miers: 6-1, 6-1.

Eisele defeated Frazell: 6-4, 6-1.

Likhite defeated Morelan: 6-1, 6-2.

Wenger defeated Taylor, 6-3, 6-1.


Pulford and Wolf lost to Muck and Tice: 8-6, 2-6, 7-5.

Royer and Eisele defeated Miers and Frazell: 6-1, 6-1.

Wenger and Carlson defeated Morelan and Taylor: 7-5, 6-0.

Woodard To Speak At M Club Banquet

Plans are progressing for the "M" Club banquet to be held at the Warren Hotel in the East Room on May 11. All "M" Club members may invite one person and have the privilege of supplying their date’s meal and corsage while receiving their own meal free.

Guest speaker this year will be Coach "Woody" Woodard of Wichita University. The "M" Club also aids in paying "Woody’s" expenses for the trip.

This year the "M" Club pur-chased a film splicer and a movie camera and portable unit for the athletic department to use in correcting mistakes of athletes in their various sports and to allow men to watch themselves in action so as to help them improve.

Blough To Head WAA

Dorothy Blough, Macollege junior, will be president of WAA next year.

Other officers are Elma Holmes, vice president; Shirley Turner, secretary; Doris Davidson, treasurer; and Lois Fager, publicity chairman.

These officers were announced at the WAA Banquet last Friday.

Band To Present Concert Tomorrow

No classes will meet Friday, May 10, as the city is celebrating its annual May Day or All-Schools' Day.

McPherson College's Marching Band will be one of 22 bands known to be marching in the All-Schools' Day parade Friday morning, May 10. Five of these bands are from the city of McPherson.

The Macollege Sophomore Class is to play its traditional role of entering a float in the parade. Since classes are dismissed for this all-important day to county eighth graders, many professors and students will be helping to direct traffic and acting in other capacities downtown.

After the morning parade, the county eighth graders will be honored at a dinner in Convention Hall.

At 1 p.m., there will be special entertainment on the street platform at Main and Marlin. Professional acts in the City Auditorium and on the street platform throughout the afternoon will include a square dance at the 4-H Building in the evening.

Classes To Dismiss Friday As City Observes May Day

CBYF To Study Faith

Lois Foger. freshman from Clovis, N. M., will have charge of the CBYF program Sunday evening at 6:30 in the church social rooms.

There will be a discussion on faith.

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Couples Engaged

Schechter, Wray

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schechter, Worthington, Minn., announce the engagement of their daughter. Patsy, to Roland Wray, son Mr. and Mrs. D. Leo Wray, Prescott, Iowa.

A December wedding is planned. Patsy is a Macollege junior while Roland is trainer for the Athletic Department. He graduated from McPherson College last year.

Becker, Cheatham

Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Becker, Galva, Kas., announce the engagement of their daughter, Patricia, to Val Cheatham, son of and Mrs. Paul Cheatham, McPherson.

Val is a Macollege junior.No definite plans have been made for, the wedding.

Maust, Ediger

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Maust, Cando N. Dak., announce the en-gagement of their daughter, Nona, to Vernon D. Ediger, McPherson.

Nona is a junior majoring in Music. An early summer wedding is being planned.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. — Henry Brooks Adams.

McPherson College Concert Band will present a public concert tomorrow evening at 8 o’clock in Sharp Hall Auditorium.

Prof. Don R. Frederick is director of the concert band. Dwight Oltman, Macollege junior, and Irvin Wagner, Macollege sophomores, are student conductors. Each will direct the band in a selection.

Some of the numbers to be presented are by Tschaikowsky, Massenet, Strauss, and Wagner. Also more contemporary works are by Donald Moore, John Morrissey, Hal Macklin, Jerome Kern, and Harold Walters.

The concert band has 39 members. Those playing the flutes are Ann Schnaithman, Marlene Jamison, and Connie Brooks Miller. Connie Miller also plays the piccolo.

The clarinet section includes Eileen Oltman, Karen Alexander, Carol Hickey. Joan Furry, Ruth Davidson, Mary Gatewood, and Kenneth Bechtel.

Paul Sollenberger plays the bass clarinet, Sharon Schrock the oboe, and Forrest Kruschwitz the bassoon.

Doris Coppock, John Lehman, Ellen Williams, and Vera Mohler ploy horns. Baritones are played by Dwight Oltman and Lila Cook.

Alto saxophones are played by Vernona Thralls, Don Cotton, and Nona Maust. Elma Holmes plays the tenor saxaphone; Fred Koons plays the baritone saxophone.

Leon Neher, Marlo Oltman, Maida Tinsley, Doyle Neher, and Ronald Bowman play cornets. Irvin Wagner, Dwight Kruse, Ivan Richert, Mardella Guenther, and Larry Schlehuber play trombones.

Sousaphone players are Richard Carney and Bill Gripe. Percussion instruments are played by Jeanine Corn, Richard Roller, and Larry Sanders.

Baby Born To Geimans

Kathryn LeAnn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Geiman, 410 E. Southerland, was born April 23 at McPherson Hospital. Kathryn weighed ten pounds three ounces at birth.

Students Appear On TV Program

Students of McPherson College appeared on television on Thursday afternoon, May 2, at 3 p.m.

Prof. Dayton Rothrock took members of his cast for the play, "Life With Mother," and they presented sketches of that play, which will be given downtown tonight.

The next Macollege appearance will be at the same time on June 6.

Viets, Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Viets, Ames, Kas., announce the engagement of their daughter, Velma Evelyn, to David Frazier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Frazier, Charles City, Iowa.

David is a junior at Macollege majoring in biology. Next fall he will enter the State University of Iowa Dental School. Velma is teaching in McPherson High School.

A late summer wedding is being planned.

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The Spectator 3 May 3, 1957

Howard Duncan Fills Spectator Position

Howard Duncan, sophomore from Haxtun, Colo., is next year’s assistant business manager for the Spectator.

Howard’s vocational objective is chemical engineering.

He is active in CBYF, intramurals, Pep Club, Peace Group, MCA, and Skate Club.

Bill Gripe, junior from Geary, Okla., will be the business manager.

Six Who Attended Mac Chosen For Mission Work

Bradley Manager Of Dog House

Phil Bradley has been chosen by Student Council to continue as manager of the Dog House.

Phil, a junior, has been manager of the Dog House for two years. He is the first person to have been chosen for this position a second and third year.

Wards Entertain Majors

The senior Rural Life Majors and their families were guests of Prof. and Mrs. John K. Ward at a steak supper on the college farm Monday evening.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Roberts; Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Neher; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Royer, Linda and Roxane; Don Colberg, Leon Neher, and Dale Shenefelt.

Pondering With The President ...

Spring Fever Strikes

Students To Give Recital Sunday

A piano and voice recital will be presented in the chapel this Sunday, May 5, at 2:30 p.m.

Students who will play are Myr-na Nelson, Donna Davidson, Lucy Reeves, Janice Bower, Date Dress-el, Marvin Weddle, Forrest Kru-schwitz, Irvin Wagner, Eileen Olt-man, Valerie Miller, and Vern-ona Thralls.

Singing will be Barbara King, Jeanine Corn, Karen Alexander, Mardella Guenther, Jan Brallier, and Mary Ann Guthals.

Their instructors are Mrs. Dorothy Sollenberger and Miss Anne Krehbiel, piano, and Prof. Don Frederick, voice.

to finish the year with honor.

Already the schedule of final exams is posted on the bulletin boards of the college. The end of the school year is so near that we can begin to smell the freedom from academic affairs which it will bring.

I suggest the following as a cure for spring fever:

Read the book, even if it does cause acute pain.

Write the term paper so you do not have to worry about it.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat some fruit.

Take exercises at the regular times.

Say. "This Spring Fever, too. shall pass away, but as for me. I shall have completed my school year with honor."

A Cappella Choir Returns From Ten-Day Spring Tour

and a trombone duet composed of Dwight Oltman and Irvin Wagner supplied special music for the intermission and offertories.

Average attendance at the concerts was 125 people.

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The Spectator 4 May 3, 1957

Six missionaries, all from McPherson College, have recently been approved by the General Brotherhood Board of the Church of the Brethren. They were pre-iously recommended by the Foreign Mission Commission.

Von, x'56 and Elsie Kindley, '54, Hall have appointed to the Nigerian mission field. Formerly, Von’s home was Richmond, Mo., and Elsie’s was Downs, Kans. Presently, their home church is North Solomon in Portis, Kansas.

More recent members of the Macollege family, Ralph and Florence Royer, have also been appointed for work in Nigeria. Ralph was born in Garkida, Nigeria, and his home is Dallas Center, Ia. He will graduate from McPherson this spring. He did his I-W service in Nigeria.

Ralph's chief responsibility on the mission field will be teaching in a secondary school. However, he will supervise some mixed farming.

Florence Royer is from Palm-yra, Pa. Previously she served as a missionary nurse in Nigeria where she met Ralph. She has taken some work at Bethany Biblical Seminary plus some courses in other colleges. Her studies, besides nursing, have been concentrated in the Bible field.

Don, ’54, and Shirley Wine, X54, Fike are preparing for work in Ecuador. Don hails from Peace Valley, Mo. He will be among the spring graduates of Bethany Biblical Seminary. Rural life was Don’s major. In Ecuador he will be in agricultural work as well as other church work.

Shirley attended Mac one year as a transfer student from Black Hills Teachers College. Formerly from S. Dak., Shirley's home church now is the Bethel church in Naperville, Ill. After her year here, she went to Chicago to take nurse training which she completed in 1955. The Fikes have one child, a daughter.

This is the time of the year when that unavoidable disease, Spring Fever, reaches out of the atmosphere and lays hold upon us.

Its diagnosis is not difficult: bleary eyes, weakness in limbs, yawning in the morning and in the evening, snoring in class, a general draggy feeling, and acute pain at the sight of a book.

Its cure is not as easy as its diagnosis. The easiest thing to do is to lie down, or to push the books behind the bed and go for a walk, or to relax and sleep at the table, in the classroom, in the midst of company, and everywhere else.

It is better, however, to stiffen the back, prop the eyelids open, sleep at the proper time, and try

Thirty-six members of A Cappella Choir and their director, Prof. Donald Frederick, returned from a ten-day tour of Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri on Monday. April 22.

Sponsored by the Public Relations Department of the college, the choir sang 13 concerts of sacred music and had three programs in high schools in Platts-burg, Mo., Kingsley, Ia., and Harris, Ia.

The Ladies Trio and Quartette

The semester examination schedule has been released by the registrar’s office. Exams will be conducted Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 21, 22, 23, and 24.

The schedule for Tuesday is as follows: 8-10, all 7:45 TWF classes except Freshman English; 10-12, all Freshman English classes; 1:20-3:20, all U. S. History classes; 3:20-5:20, all 10:30 MW and 2:10 TTh classes.

The Wednesday schedule is: 8-10, Natural Science and all 10:30 TTHF classes except New Testament and U. S. History; 10-12, Introduction to Literature; 1:20-3:20, all 9:35 MWTH classes except Introduction to Literature and U. S. History and appointment classes; 3:20-5:20, all 8:40 MWF classes except Introduction to Literature and English.

Exams scheduled for Thursday are: 8-10, all 11:25 MTTh classes except Freshman English; 10-12, all 1:15 MWF classes except Introduction to Literature; 1:20-3:20, all 11:25 WF classes: and 3:20-5:20, all 8:40 TTh classes except

Freshman English.

On Friday, the following exams arc scheduled: 8-10, New Testament Life and Literature; 10-12, all 2:10 classes MWF except New Testament; 1:20-3:20, all 1:15 TTh classes; and 3:20-5:20, open for unscheduled examinations.

Girls To Model Clothing Projects

An invitational style review will be held in the Home Economics Department in Harnly Hall next Monday afternoon, May 6.

Members of this year’s Fundamentals of Clothing. Applied Dress Design, and Tailoring classes will model the coats, suits, or dresses which each has made.

Miss Mildred Sick is the instructor of these classes.

Martin Announces Schedule For Semester Examinations