(Don's Studio Photo)

All ready to assume the governing postions of the student body if elected are the seven candidates running for president and treasurer. From left to right they are Linda Royer, Duane Fike, Larry Hayes, Anne Keim, Dick Bittinger, Sid Smith, Jr., and Carl Harris.

Duane, Anne, and Sid are juniors running for president, Linda, Larry, Dick, and Carl, sophomores, are running for treasurer. The elections will be Tuesday in Chapel.

Who’ll I vote for?

Tuesday in Chapel the ballots will have a list of names and each of ns will have to choose which ones we are to vote for.

The campaign managers are at work for the presidential and treas-urer nominees. On page 4 of the Spectator they have written a resume of their candidates' qualifications. The seven students trying out for cheerleading will demonstrate their abilities. — G. L. H.

All petitions were handed to acting student body president, Don Colberg, by Tuesday, April 2. Those running in the student body president race are Duane Fike, Ramoita; Anne Keim, Nampa, Idaho; and Sid Smith, McPherson.

For treasurer of the Student Council, Dick Bittinger and Lar-ry Hayes from McPherson; Carl Harris, Jennings, La.; and Linda Royer, Adel, Iowa, are in the running.

Student Court Class meetings were held Tuesday after chapel for the choosing of those to run for Student Court. Those on the ballot from the fresh-

Booster Banquet To Feature Buffet Meal, Music Concert

McPherson College’s 1957 Annual Booster Banquet will be tomorrow evening, April 6 at 6 p. m. in the Commnity Building. The buffet-style meal will he served under the direction of Mrs. Raymond L. Flory.

McPherson, Kansas, McPherson College, April 5, 1957

Trio Returns From Tour Plagued By Heavy Rains

Despite the heavy rain, the Ladies' Trio of McPherson College visited and sang at all of the Oklahoma churches except three on their schedule during their March 24-31 tour.

Members of the trio are Jean-ine Corn, senior from Independence; Marlene Jamison, senior from Quinter; and Norma Jean Watkins, sophomore from Welda.

Vernon Thralls, sophomore from Falfurrias, Texas, majoring in home economics, is the accompanist.

Paul Wagoner, alumni secretary, accompanied the trio.

First performances were given on Sunday, March 24, at t h e

Bartlesville and the Big Creek churches. Rain and bad roads prevented any performance at the Paradise Prairie church.

The next appearances were at Antelope Valley on March 26 and the next day at Pleasant Plains, Since the Ames church had not heard of their coming, the trio was unable to perform there.

Three more churches in Oklahoma followed: Thomas, Washita, and Oklahoma City. On March 31 the group gave its final performance at the union service at the Conway Springs, Kans., church.

Besides touring Oklahoma A&M and Southern University, the group performed at three high schools

Mac Students To Elect 1957-58 Campus Leaders

College Calendar

This weekend. April 5-7, Work-camp in Cordell, Okla.

Tomorrow night, Booster Banquet at 6-7:30 p.m. in the Community Building with the Chapel Choir concert at 8 p.m.

Friday, April 12, Easter vaca-tion begins at 5 p.m.

Committee Meets Here To Plan New Church

Guests on the McPherson campus and in the cafeteria Monday, April 1, were the members of the Kansas Church Extension Committee.

This group is making plans for the new Overland Park Church of the Brethren south of Kansas City.

Rev. Leland Wilson, '53, will be the pastor. His duties will start June 1. At present he is pastor of the Lone Star Church of the Brethren.

Members of the committee present were Harvey Lehman, Eden Valley Church; John Ditmars, Norton; Robert Teagarden, Parsons; Ray Deardorf, Waldo; Leland Wilson, Lone Star; Gorman Zook, state field secretary, McPherson; Evan Watkins, Welda; Elmer Dadisman, Salem Church; and Don Rowe, regional secretary, McPherson.

Hilton Harmon, Kansas City, is a member of the committee but was not present Monday.

Students interested in Earn and Serve Projects may apply at the Western Regional Office before next Wednesday for a job at one of the three places sponsoring them this summer.

Projects arc to be conducted at Beatrice, Neb.; Pampa, Texas; and Newton, Kans.

Rev. James Minnich is the director of the Pampa project. Two boys and two girls are needed. The fellows may obtain construction work which pays up to $1.57 an hour while the girls may clerk at Woolworth’s or Montgomery Ward’s which gives $34 for a 40 hour week. Other jobs may be available.

Two boys and one girl are needed at Newton, Kans. Employment for the fellows may be

Officers for the Macollege student government will be elected in chapel Tuesday morning. Students will vote for Student Council officers, Student Court members, MCA Council members, and cheerleaders.

Next Wednesday Is Deadline For Earn, Serve Project

Volume XLI

Following will be a concert presented by the McPherson College Chapel Choir and the College-Civic Orchestra. The choir will present two sections, the orchestra two, with the final number a combination in the presentation of “Bridagoon.’’

One group, Negro spirituals, will be "Ain-A-That Good News.” Arr. by William Dawon; ‘‘Plenty Good Room," Arr. by William Smith: and "Set Down Servant," Arr. by Robert Shaw. Also will be "Taboo to Boot" by Vernon Duke:    Friendly Persuasion" by

Tiomkin and Elwell; and “Pa-vanne" by Maurice Ravel-Zipper.

In the other group will be "Morning Hymn" by Henschel-Cain: "Like as a Hart Desireth" by G. P. da Palestrina: "Cherubic Hymn" by Sergei Rachmaninoff; "In Solemn Silence" by Ippolitof. Ivanof. Wilhousky: "Wherewith

Shall I Come Before the Lord" by Gladys Bush; and "Alleluia" by Randall Thompson.

Orchestra numbers will include "Overture from The Pearl Fishers." George Bizet: "Prelude and Fugue," G. F. Handel; Hungarian Dances,” Johannes Brahms; "Knightsbridge March," Eric Coates: "The King and I", Richard Rogers; and "The Waltzing Cat", LeRoy Anderson.

Other numbers include "Through the Years”. Heyman - Youmans; and "Park Avenue Fantasy". Mal-neck-Signorelli.

Choir To Give Program The A Cappella Choir will present the program, next Friday in Assembly. It will consist of sac-red and secular music, much of which will pertain to Easter.

Museum Gets Display Spheres

H. 0. Stockwell from Hutchinson has donated three polished spheres to the McPherson College Museum for display purposes.

The spheres are of Honey Onyx from Murry, Utah; Aragonite

from Tonapah, Nevada; and Crin-oidal Limestone from Sulphur Springs. Ark.

Mr. Stockwell is a member of the Hutchinson Gem and Mineral Club as well as good friend of Dr. R. E. Mohler, former curator of the museum.

Dr. Wesley DeCoursey is the acting curator of the museum with Shirley Groth, sophomore, the student assistant.

Students Take Teaching Jobs

More and more teaching contracts are being signed each week. Nancy Keim, senior, will be teaching seventh grade math and science in Aurora, Ill.

In Marquette, Kas., Sharon Schrock, sophomore, will teach part - time in the kindergarten and do part - time office work.

Carl Kasey, ’47, has signed a contract to teach in the McPherson Intermediate School. George Eisele, senior, plans to go to Bern, Kan., to teach math and science.

Joyce Flory will be teaching at the Union 5 school in Rice County this fall. It is a two-room school located three miles north of Lyons. Joyce will teach the fifth through eighth grades.

Glen Gayer, '54, and Loreen Cline Gayer, '55, will teach in Walton, Kan. Glen will coach and teach industrial arts and Loreen will teach in the first and second grade room.

Vote Tuesday

No. 26

Profs Present Delayed Skits

Miss Della Lehman and Prof. Dayton Rothrock presented four short scenes from the play, "Life with Father," in assembly this morning.

These scenes had been prepared for presentation at Parents’ Night Wednesday, March 29, but the power transformer failure which threw much of the campus in darkness during the program cancelled Miss Lehman and Professor Rothrock’s appearance.

Dr. Bittinger was speaking to the parents at the time the lights went out in the Chapel, Harnly Hall, the gym, Fahnestock Hall, and Beeghly Library.

Since the rest of Sharp Hall was on a different city transform er, the parents were able to tour most of Sharp Hall and to visit with professors there.

Over 100 guests were served refreshments at Vaniman Hall, the college’s fine arts center, after they visited the different rooms of the Art Department.

The power failure was attributed to the unusually heavy load on the circuits since all the rooms of all the buildings arc not usually lighted at the same time.

Note Of Thanks

The CBYF cabinet says thank you to each worker who helped with the car wash and to each one who supplied a car for the workers to wash.

Grimy dirt disappeared almost. as quickly as if Bardahl was on the job only not quite as effortlessly.

Thirty - two cars passed through the assembly line: really thirty-three due to an extensive pick-up service that picked up a dirty gray Buick. owner unknown, and re-urned it to the parking lot a dazzling white.

Forty-four dollars and eighty-five cents was raised for our project. We regret that weather conditions did not allow the evidence of our hard labor to remain for a longer period of time.

The Cabinet man class will be Doris Davidson. McCune, Kas., Larry Melton, Ash-erville, Kan.; Valerie Miller, Rocky Ford, Colo.; and Loren Zook, McPherson.

Sophomore names appearing for Student Court are Dick Bittinger, McPherson; Irvin Wagner, McPherson; Ruth Hanagarne, Ship-rock, New Mexico.; Don Cotton, McPherson; and Ami Schnaith-man, Garber, Okla.; and Norma Watkins, Welda, Kan.

Junior student names appearing for Student Court will be Dorothy Blough, Waterloo, Iowa; Sara Ann Coffman, South English, Iowa: Mary Lou Wise, Nevada, Iowa; LeRoy Buskirk, McPherson; Dwight Oltman, Enders, Neb.; Ed Sink, Topeka; and Sid Smith. McPherson.


Those trying out for cheerlcad-ing are Danny Crouse, Hutchinson; Shirley Groth, Independence; Ron Harden, McPherson; June McDaniel, Essex, Mo.; Larry Sanders, Des Moines, Iowa; Wanda Swick, McPherson; and Mary Lou Wise, Nevada, Iowa.

Those trying out for cheerlead-ing will give practice demonstrations. Managers for each of the presidential and treasurer candidates will give talks for their candidates. After this, ballots will be passed by members of the Student Council for the voting.

MCA Council

Nominees for the MCA council will also appear on the ballots.

After Tuesday's election, one more election will be held. That is for the extra curricular activities’ representative to the Student Council.

Between April 15 and May 1, the presidents of all extra curricular organizations will meet with the Student Council president and they will nominate two boys and two girls from the student body.

Then, between May 1 and May 15, each extra curricular organization will vote on these four, one vote for a boy and one for a girl representative.

Election results will be posted after winning candidates have been notified.

found in the flour mills which pay $1.30 - $1.50 per hour. The girl will be employed as the church secretary with regular full time secretary’s wages. Rev. George Haney is the director.

At Beatrice, Neb., Rev. Ira Gib-bel is the director of the project. The fellows may find construction work which pays $1-$1.10 per hour or employment in the Safeway Store which gives $43 per week. The Hotel Paddock Coffee Shop will hire the girls as waitresses at $50 - $60 per week.

Pre-enrollment To Begin

Pre-enrollment for next school year, 1967-’58, is to begin soon.

A deadline date will also be announced later.

The Spectator Page 2 April 5, 1957

Weather Cancels Meets For Track, Golf Teams

Old man weather has been play-ing havoc with the track and golf meets thus far in the season, as another meet was postponed from this Tuesday to a later date.

The golf team was momentarily stunted as their Wednesday match was postponed until today, at Wichita.

Thursday’s track meet at Newton was also postponed due to climatic conditions. Tomorrow the tennis team takes on their third battle of the season with Bethany at 1:30 p.m.

Weather permitting, the golf team is scheduled to meet Kansas Wesleyan and Baker at the country club, and Thursday it’s Bethany here also.

Bulldogs Shut Out Tabor Tennis Squad

The McPherson College tennis team once again showed strength as they shut out the Tabor College racket men 7-0 on April fool's day. This is the second shut out victory for the team in as many meets and Coach Wesley Decour-sey is pleased with the showing.

The team has won all sets ex-cept one in league competition thus far. Following are the results of the match:


Pulford, McPherson, defeated Gaede, Tabor 6-1, 6-0. Wolf, Mc-Pherson, defeated Heidebrecht, Tabor, 6-3, 6-1. Royer, McPherson, defeated P. Hamm, Tabor, 6-3, 6-0. Eisele, McPherson, defeated Hamm, Tabor 6-4, 6-4. Lik-hite, McPherson, defeated Nikkel, Tabor 6-1, 4-6, 6-0.


Pulford, Wolf, McPherson, defeated Gaede, Heidebrecht, Tabor, 6-3, 6-0, Royer, Eisele, defeated Hamm, Hamm, Tabor, 6-2. 6-0. 

Hess To Leave Before Vacation

Following class next Wednesday morning. Dr. Maurice A. Hess will leave on another trip to Missouri. In Missouri Dr. Hess will prepare for the arrival of his new trailer home.

Dr. Hess will be back for regular classes following Easter vacation.

WAA Chooses Ballgame Theme

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame," is the theme for the WAA Banquet to be held at 6:30 Friday evening, April 20, at Whitey’s Cafe.

Chicken-fried steak dinners will be served at this semi - formal banquet.

Marilyn Metsker, president of WAA, has appointed committees to plan the banquet.

Valerie Miller is chairman of the Program Committee. Phillies Willems, Nona Maust, and Elma Holmes will work with her.

Chairman of the Decoration Committee is Delores Peek. Shirley Turner, Sherland Ng, and Ruth Hanagarne will assist her.

Lois Fager is chairman of the Publicity Committee. Working with her are Ruth Barcelo, Doris Davidson, and Mary Alice Smith.

I Smell Smoke!

Class Detects Chem Lab Fire

“I think I smell smoke!"

And it was no joke for the physical chem class the other week during class. Ed Wolf, senior, was distilling water in Dr. Wesley De-Coursey’s private lab while the others were in class session when they smelled smoke.

The flame of a faulty Bunsen burner had burned the hose in two and the gas which had escaped to the table top was burning.

Bulldogs Sweep Tennis Match

The Bulldog tennis team started its season with a big "swat" and a clean sweep over the College of Emporia’s Presbies last Friday afternoon. McPherson scored five wins in single matches and two wins in doubles to win the match by a comfortable margin.

Following is the scoring in the matches:

Pulford, McPherson, defeated Muck, Emporia, 9-7, 6-3.

Wolf, McPherson, defeated Mi-ers, Emporia, 6-6, 6-3.

Royer, McPherson defeated Franzell, Emporia, 6-1, 6-3.

Eisele, McPherson, defeated Morelan, Emporia, 6-0, 6-1.

Likhite, McPherson, defeated Taylor, Emporia, 6-4, 6-3.

Pulford - Wolf, McPherson, defeated Muck - Franzell. Emporia, 6-1, 8-6.

Royer - Eisele, McPherson, defeated Taylor - Morelan, Emporia, 6-0, 6-2.

Three To Speak At National PKD

Larry Hayes, Joan Walters and Norris Harms will represent McPherson College at the National Pi Kappa Delta Tournament at Brookings, S. Dak., during Easter vacation.

The tournament will be held at South Dakota State College, and extends from April 14 to 19.

Norris and Larry will participate in debate, and each will enter individual contests. Larry will give an oration, and Norris will take part in extemporaneous


Joan will enter in oratory and extemporaneous speaking.

Prof. Guy Hayes, debate coach, will accompany the students,

This tournament is held every two years at some college in the United States. The last National Pi Kappa Delta Tournament was at Redlands, Calif., in 1955.

Vilas’ Views

By Likhite

India appears to be destined to be headlined into the basketball picture, as a prospect from New Dehli enters the cage foreground.

The "boy" is already seven feet six inches “short”; end according to medical reports, he is to continue his phenomenal growth to the high height of ten feet. The lad is also reportedly coordinated well, so look out "Wilt."

Baseball is a game of disappointments, revolving around slumps, sore arms, and other pestilent injuries. Yet this national pass time tries to be friendly with new talent by presenting them with a 25 to 1 chance of making the team and a 100 to 1 chance of staying on the team. Despite these drawbacks, sane rookies make the grade.

Recently the Red Sox's offer of a million dollars for fireball Herb Score was declined by the Cleveland Indians.

The Kansas City Athletics seem

Bethany To Debate With Bulldogs Teams

Two debate teams from Bethany College will be on campus for practice debates Monday, April 8.

The debates will start at 3:45 p.m. in Haraly Hall, rooms 301 and 304. Prof. Guy Hayes invites any interested students to hear them.

These practice debates are in preparation for the National Pi Kappa Delta Debate Tournament to be held in Brookings, South Dakota during Easter vacation.

to he a very strong club due to their trades with the Yankees. If everything goes well, they may place fifth in the league.

Emmet Kelley, a clown genius, may surely spark up the Brooklyn "Bums."

The Spectator Page 3 April 5, 1957

Pondering With The President ...

Over Against The Tomb


(Continued from Page Four)

Sometimes one little phrase or sentence opens the window on a deeply emotional picture.

In the description of the crucifixion and death of our Lord preceding Easter, there is one phrase which has always fascinated me.

After the description of the scenes on Calvary, concluding with the darkness and the storm which come at the time of His death and the subsequent journey of the disciples to the top of the mountain to take down the body and carry it to the tomb, there follows a description of the scaling of the tomb.

Not only was the tomb sealed, but a guard of Roman soldiers was placed around about it so that no one could approach it. After this had been done, the disciples withdrew in considerable despair and agony.

It is hard to think of a more disheartened group than they must have been. Their Leader was dead; He was sealed in the tomb. A stone was placed at its mouth; guards surrounded the stone. Any contact with Him, even to anoint His body, was henceforth impos-sible.

It is at this point that the scripture says, “But over against the tomb sat His mother and the other Mary.”

Throughout the night, they must have sat there. Hope seemed gone; remaining there seemed useless. Why should they not try to rest or sleep? Yet the scripture says that they sat “over against the tomb.”

We face discouragements also Sometimes it seems no longer worthwhile trying. Everything has gone against us. Every hope has been dashed into the ground.

The night seems endless, the darkness is unbroken by a single ray of light.

Yet if we will but wait in times like these, the darkness is often broken. The stone can be rolled away. The night can end; hope can be borne.

The darkness just before the dawn is sometimes darkest of all. It must have been that way for the mother of our Lord. Yet she sat patiently over against the tomb in the darkness.

The darkness eventually was dispelled. On Easter morning the most glorious episode in all history of time began.

It could happen that way for us.

Schnaithman, Harms

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schnaithman, Garber, Okla., announce the engagement of their daughter, Ann, to Norris Harms, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gade Harms, Haxtun, Colo.

Ann is a sophomore majoring in home economics, and Norris is a junior majoring in economics and business administration.

Flory, Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Flory of Clarence, Iowa, announce the engagement of their daughter, Joyce, to Delbert Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Hayes of Geneseo. A late summer wedding is being planned.

Son Born To Gwan Jos

Steven Charles Jo, the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Gwan Jo, Seoul, Korea, was born March 24 at the McPherson Hospital.

He weighed nine pounds and five ounces at birth.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jo are seniors at McPherson College.

Vote for Larry Hayes By Mgr. Noel Grove

Experience and efficiency are the two qualifications of Larry Ellsworth Hayes, candidate for treasurer of the Student Council Larry, a sophomore now at Macol-lege has had much past experience in a position of this type.

As a matter of fact, treasurer seems to be his specialty in civic duties. He has served as treasurer of the State CBYF and treasurer of a leadership training program for Eagle scouts. He was also treasurer of the local CBYF.

However, his past history of holding offices are not restricted to the position of treasurer. Besides that position, his services in other responsibilities date back into his grade school days.

As far back as the 6th grade, Larry was president of the Grade School YMCA. Later, in Junior High School, he served as President of the Student Council.

In his four years of high school, Larry’s activities were wide and varied. In sports, he was an active member of M Club. Besides this he was also a member of Mixed Chorus, band, the school paper staff, and quill and scroll, which is a national honorary journalistic fraternity.

In College, Larry’s major activities have been in the speech department, although he has also spent some time in various music groups.

His reputation as an ardent debater and orator prove his abil-ity to express himself adeptly, This as well as his past experience make him a very qualifying

candidate for the position of treasurer of the student council.

Vote for Linda Royer By Mgr. Lois Fager

With an eye for figures and the technical ability for bookkeeping. Miss Linda Royer, an alert sophomore, is running for the position of Student Body Treasurer.

Previously men have assumed this position, but we females maintain that a woman can master nearly any job as well as any member of the male sex, when so confronted.

Linda has played an active part in organizations and activities during her two years here in college. She is an English major, planning to teach upon graduating from college.

This year she is in Pep Club. She was in Band the first semester. She was also Co-chairman of the Pep Club Chili Supper and Chairman of the Pep Club supper.

During her freshman year she was a member of Pep Club, College Church Choir, and Band. She was a cheerleader and a candidate for Freshman Attendant.

While in high school, Linda participated in activities including band, choruses, dramatics, Annual staff, and paper staff.

With these qualifications and with a willing spirit, Linda Royer seeks election to the office of Treasurer of the Student Body. THE ADVICE OF ANY LAWYER WOULD BE VOTE FOR ROYER.

Urban Sociology Class Sees Famous Places In Chicago

By Shirley Rhoades

Chicago, second largest city in the country, has taken on special significance for nine members of the urban sociology class, and Dr. Kenneth C. Bechtel who spent several days there as students of city culture patterns during the last week of March.

Of high interest on the first day was a chance to view the juvenile court in session. One person com-nented. “I could have stayed there all day.”

Skid Row and an industrial mission, which feeds both spiritually and physically and rehabilitates those misfits who wander in, made an interesting Thursday night for the students.

The famous "Loop” houses many concerns of which especially three were seen by the class. The Chicago Board of Trade in which is transacted 80 per cent of the world's agricultural business was noted as a very noisy place, the bidding being done by word or sign.

The Chicago Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest, and gave the class the opportunity to see it in action. “A person can be born.

live and die in the merchandise mart", a two-block long commercial building.

Metropolitan mass communications were observed in the form of the Chicago Tribune with her huge presses.

The Chicago Planetarium, one of a few of its kind in the world, was another point of interest on the trip. The changing positions of the moon and stars are shown on the ceiling in exact proportion and movement to the actual sky.

The Hull Settlement House, most famous of its kind in the world, sponsors activities for all ages and is located in one of the slum areas.

A tour of the city was also on the agenda for the day and the group had tired feet to show for the day’s visit to the Gold Coast, the luxurious section of the city, and behind it the worst slum district in the country.

The Spectator Page 4 April 5, 1957

Students To Elect Council President, Treasurer

Campaign Managers List Candidates Qualifications

Vote for Anne Keim By Mgr. Joan Walters

From out of the distant expanses of Idaho comes the executive ability of Miss Anne Keim.

As an active Macollege student she has recently completed her editing duties of the 1956-57 Quadrangle proving her leadership ability. This position has enabled her to observe all areas of student life.

Having finished her job in this particular phase. Anne wishes to further her college experience and work in an even closer association with her fellow students in the position of student body president

An interest in public speaking led her to become a member of the only Women’s debate team for McPherson her frosh year displaying deep interest in the role of women in our democracy.

For three years she has been a member of the pep club. Home Economics Club, and Pi Kappa Delta, honorary debate fraternity. She is a Home Ec major with interest in teaching after graduation. She sang in the chapel choir and for two years has sung in the A Cappella choir.

As a member of the Board of Publications she has dealt with some of the problems which face the governing body.


Vote for Carl Harris By Mgr. Norris Harms

Carl Harris, the sophomore from Jennings, Louisiana, is well known by all. His friendly smile and willingness to lend a hand have been appreciated by all his associates. Those who know him best like him even better. They see in him a humble way of doing great things.

The members of the Players’ Club, the Sophomore Sunday School Class; and the entire sophomore class have displayed their extreme trust in his sincerity, honesty, and ability by electing him president of all three groups.

But his work for the college has not stopped here. He has been an active member of many campus organizations.

The debate squad, Men’s Council, MCA steering committee, Rec Council Cabinet and Chapel Choir have all seen the work which Carl does quietly, yet efficiently and to a high degree of perfection.

“Would you like to sign my petition, please?”

Students with a political bent or their campaign managers were asking this question at the first of the week. By Tuesday the petitions were all filled out and handed to Don Colberg, student body president. The campaign managers have co-operated with the Spec and have written short excerpts about their candidates. They are listed in alphabetical order with the presidential candidates first.

Vote for Duane Fike By Mgr. Mario Oltman In a closed party convention, MAC'S Party (Modern Aggressive College Students) unanimously chose Duane Fike as our candidate for McPherson Student Body President.

Duane has extensive experience in governmental positions. In high school he was class president for four years and president of the student body.

He has become a member of two fraternities. Alpha Delta and Alpha Psi Omega, and is eligible for membership of a third, Pi Kappa Delta. He has also been elected president of Alpha Delta journalistic fraternity.

Many students have observed his fine work in other activities such as Men's Council, editor of the Spectator, and president of SPEC.

His experience in the Student Council for two years qualifies him for the president position in itself, and he is the only candidate who has had any Student Council experience at all.

Duane’s ability to lead groups and his ability to meet people are both valuable assets necessary in a president.

He will not be tied down by these activities next year and will be living on campus, ready to go

to work on council business at a moment’s notice.

For an efficient, conscientious, and experienced leader for our Student Body, we could not make a better choice than Duane Fike.

She will be free from other obligations to donate time to council affairs. NOW IS THE TIME TO VOTE FOR KEIM! ! ! !

Vote for Sid Smith, Jr.

By Mgr. Ed Sink The candidates I wish to place before you are of the highest character, ability, and integrity. I feel that these two men are best qualified for the offices.

First of all, they have minds of their own, and although they will be open to all suggestions, they will make their own decisions and will not rely on what others tell them to do or say.

They hold allegiance to no clique or organization, but only to their fellow students. Those of you who are acquainted with these young men know this for a fact.

I have heard the argument for three years that all members of the M Club are members of a clique who vote only for what is good for them. This could not be further from the truth; in fact, it is a straight face lie.

Sid Smith. Jr., our candidate for president of the Student Council. is a proven leader.

He has served the past year as secretary - treasurer of the M Club. His relentless mannner and desire to do the best job he can is noticed by all who have had dealings with Sid.

His management of the M Club’s advertisement program and his handling of the huge sums of money that went along with this were real test of his ability.

He handled the financial end of this job so successfully that

the M Club is purchasing a projector and splicing machine for the college to use.

The students who attended the carnival are witnesses to Sid’s organizational ability, for he was the driving force behind it.

Those of us who belong to the M Club are well aware of how efficiently he handles the books and the attendance records. He has served the students efficiently in the past; and if you give him the chance, he will do the same in the future.

Vote for Dick Bittinger By Mgr. Ed Sink

Dick Bittinger is our candidate for treasurer of the Student Council. He is the other half of the team of Sid and Dick. His qualifications, his leadership ability, and his dynamic personality are well-known facts.

The zeal and the determination with which he tackles every job given to him are the best qualifications a candidate can have.

He has shown he can do a good job by his leadersip in MCA. for he is one of the driving forces behind this organization. Also Dick is a member of the Student Court.

Further proof of his ability is his excellent work as associate editor of the Quadrangle.

Dick has certainly proved his worth to McPherson College and will continue to do so in the fu

In scholarship he is unexcelled. A glance at the honor roll will reveal his name near or on the top. In high school he was valedictorian. and also received two state scholarships, amounting to $1400.

In one, he received the highest grade of all the high school seniors in the state on a test, and the other was a State Elks Scholarship for personality and leadership in extracurricular activities.

So we present our candidate. Carl Harris. He has a proven record, in both ability and efficiency. We of McPherson College would be depriving ourselves of leadership in a high degree if we failed to elect him treasurer of our student body.

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