Macollege Welcomes Regional Youth

Book Display Open To Public

A feature of Regional Youth Conference will be the books on display in the west end of the SUR. These books will cover the five areas of Faith, Fellowship, Citizenship. Witness, and O u t-reach.

The theme for the display is Hands, and Kathy Jones, a sophomore from McPherson, has drawn five posters of hands signifying the five areas.

Two tables will emphasize Earn and Serve. Trail Hike, and Adult Counselor Training Retreat. The large bulletin board at the foot of the stairs in Sharp will be dedicated to the Call Program.

The Display Committee will put up a large map of the Earn and Serve projects on the pep club bulletin board.

This display of books will be open on Friday at these hours: 8-9:30; 10:25 - 12:30; 1-2; 4:306:30 and 9:30-12. It will be open on Saturday from 8-10; 11-11:15; 1-5:25; and 8:30-11.

Members of the Display Committee are: Co-chairmen Joyce Ulrich and Karen Yoder, Linda Larsen, and David Fruth.

Macollege Is Host To Western Region Youth

Macollege is host to over 500 young people from throughout the Western Region this weekend, while they are here for the Regional Youth Conference. The Conference began yesterday afternoon and continues through Sunday.

Trustees Let Sharp Hall Bids

The Western Region Executive Committee were preparing for this weekend’s conference as this picture was taken.

Members of Executive Committee left to right are Bob Dell, Faith; Dick

Landrum, Outreach; Marlene Klotz, Citizenship; Paul Wagoner, counselor; Kenneth Holderread, director; Irvin Wagner, chairman; and Valerie Miller, Fellowship. Car! Harris, Witness, was not present.

This weekend the Board of Trustees are meeting for their annual spring session. The main item of business is to be the letting of the bids for the building of new Sharp Hall.

They also intend to discuss plans for taking care of the expected increasing enrollment of the future. Reemploying the faculty and setting faculty salaries will be considered.

Tomorrow afternoon at 4 will be the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Sharp Hall. Mayor Andy Bremeyer will speak for the city. Clare Miller, chairman of the city campaign, will say a few words.

Paul Sargent will represent the Board of Trustees. Carl Harris will represent the student body and Irvin Wagner, the regional youth. Pres. D. W. Bittinger will speak for the faculty and college.

Each of these speakers will turn a shovel of earth.

The featured guest for the conference is Rev. Earle W. Fike who was one of the speakers at the National Youth Conference this past summer in Lake Junal-uska, N. C. Rev. Fike’s home is in Chicago.

The theme of the conference is "Count Well The Cost."

Volume XLIII

McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas, March 6, 1959

No. 21

Three-Act Production To Be Given Mar. 10, 11

"The Hasty Heart,” a three-act play by John Patrick, will be given March 10 and 11 at 8 p.m. in the college chapel.

A convalescent ward in a British hospital during World War II is the setting for the play. John Patrick, the author, served in the field service* division in World War II which inspired the writing of this play. Brotherhood of man is the overall theme of the play.

Carl Harris and JoAnn Negley will head the cast, playing the roles of Lachlen and Margaret. Carl is a senior from Jennings. La., and JoAnn is a junior from Durham.

Other members of the cast are: Orderly. Larry King: Yank, Noel Grove; Digger, Vernard Foley; Tommy, Kay Wallerich: Colonel, Terrell Phenice; and Blossom, Larry Hayes.

William Alward will be stage manager. Karen York is in charge of properties, and Violet Oliver, costumes.

Students will be admitted with their activity tickets. Adult tickets, $1, and children, 50c, will be sold at the door.

Peter Coulson, assistant professor of literature and drama, will direct the production.

Conference Speaker Is Bridgewater Grad

Earle W. Fike, Jr., the main speaker for Regional Youth Conference this weekend, attended Broadway High School. Broadway, Va., and graduated from Bridgewater College in 1951 with a B. A. degree.

Bittinger To Speak Tuesday, Thursday

Pres. D. W. Bittinger will be speaking March 10 at the Sedgwick County Teachers’ Association in Wichita.

He also will be speaking at Bethel College. North Newton, on March 12, at a banquet for the supporters of the college.

Rev. Fike entered Bethany Biblical Seminary in 1951 and graduated with a B. D. degree in 1954. While there, he directed the recreational program of the Sem inary one year, and he served a summer pastoral work at Beaver, Iowa.

Other schooling during this period included three semesters of work in Physical Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. and two courses in Phys

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Conference Index


2 p.m. Earl W. Fike in Church Speech Contest in Church

4:30 Campus tours and District Cabinet Meetings

8 Musical Concert in Community Building (downtown)

12 Lights out Saturday:

8:30 Bible Hour with Warren Hoover in Chapel

9:30 Business session

10    Earle W. Fike in Church

11    Regional Cabinet Meeting in Church Basement

11:15 Panel Discussion in Church

2    Question and Answer Forum —Earle Fike In Chapel

3    BVS Program — Peggy Zimmerman in Chapel

4    Groundbreaking for N e w Sharp Hall

6:30 Banquet at Community Building

9:30 Singspiration in Chapel

10    Closing Worship

11    Bed Time Sunday:

9:30 Organ Meditation in Church

9:45 Church School — Dedication of new Executive Committee

10:45 Morning Worship — Rev. Harry K. Zeller, Jr.

Longmire Places First In State

Ed Longmire, sophomore from Dallas Center, Iowa, placed first in the state contest with his antialcohol oration. Tuesday night at Russell. He won a cash prize of $50. The contest is sponsored by the WCTU.

In late September he will represent Kansas at the national contest at San Antonio. Texas. The title of his oration is "One View of Life.”

The last time Macollege had a state winner was in 1955 when Irene Shull Reynolds placed with her oration.

Mac Band Presents Various Selections

Various musical selections will be included in the Macollege Concert Band program tonight at 8 in the Community Building

Some numbers on the program include “Golden Eagle,” "Prayer to Dream," "Porgy & Bess," "Carnival of Venice," "Head-lines,” "Finlandia," "Men of Ohio," "Autumn Leaves," "In A Persian Market," "Colorama,” and "Naughty Marietta.”

College Calendar

Today through Sunday, Western Region Youth Conference on Macampus.

March 10 - 11, "The Hasty Heart," three-act play held in chapel beginning at 8 p.m. each evening.

Friday, March 13, three one-act plays in chapel at 8 p.m.

March 15-20, Religious Emphasis Week.

March 20-30, Easter Recess.

Mac Senior Accepts Teaching Position

Debaters Enter League Meet

Joan Walters and Don Hollenbeck. Dick Ferris and Richard Bittinger will be the two teams which will represent Macollege in the League Debate Tournament at Tabor College, Hillsboro, tomorrow.

Richard Bittinger will also be entering in peace extemp speaking.

Joan Walters will be in the women’s division of peace oratory. Dick Ferris. Raymond Hull, and David Hykes are entered in peace oratory and will have an elimination contest this afternoon to see who represents Macollege in the men’s division.

Last weekend Dick Ferris and Don Hollenbeck were at University of Nebraska. Lincoln, Nebr., for a debate tournament. Dr. K. C. Bechtel accompanied them.

The boys won one of their five rounds of debate. -Don also entered in extemp speaking receiving ratings of good, excellent, and superior. In interpretative reading he received all good ratings.

Dick Ferris entered in discussion receiving ratings of good, and excellent.

Forty-one schools were represented at the tournament.

Don Cotton, senior, McPherson, has accepted a teaching position at the Windom Rural High School. He will be teaching mathematics.

Don has been active in football since his freshman year. He is senior representative on the Student Council and a member of the M-Club.

As a junior he participated in band. Players' Club. Student Council, student court and International Relations Club.

During his senior year, he received recognition in the Who's Who.

Other Leaders

Other leaders are Warren Hoover. pastor of the Preston, Minn., Church of the Brethren; Harry K. Zeller, Jr., pastor of the Mc-Pherson Church of the Brethren; D. W. Bittinger, president of McPherson College: and Betty Hol-derread, elementary school teacher, Newton.

Earle Fike will speak for the second time today at 2 p.m. in the college church on "R.S.V.P. — At Great Cost". His initial speech was during the 9:35 chapel hour this morning.

Band Concert Tonight

The College Concert Band, joined by the A Cappella and Chapel Choirs will present a musical program in the Community Building at 8 p.m. Later folk games will be held in the gym.

Tomorrow the program begins at 8:30 a.m. with the Bible Hour in the chapel.

"Price Tags for Churchman-ship" will be Rev. Fike’s topic at 11 a.m. in the church sanctuary. At 2 p.m. he will conduct a question and answer forum in the church.

Peggy Zimmerman, who just returned from Europe, will present a special program on Brethren Volunteer Service in the chapel at 3:30 p.m.


New Sharp Hall will have its beginning at the groundbreaking service at 4 p.m.

The banquet will be at the McPherson Community Building at 6 p.m. with Carl Harris as master of ceremonies. The program will be presented by college students.

Rev. Fike’s topic following the banquet at 8 p.m. will be "Blessed Are the Extravagant."

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning there will be Sunday school and morning worship in college church beginning with organ meditations at 9:30.

Nine Weeks Tests Will Be Divided

Tests scheduled for the nine weeks period are to be staggered over a two week period, according to Wayne F. Geisert, dean of McPherson College.

Purpose of spreading the tests over the week before and the week after Easter vacation, is to ease the demand on students during a time when Religious Emphasis Week and Easter vacation fail close together.

The nine weeks grades are due in the Registrar's Office April 7 and will be computed by Friday. April 10.

Central America Is Home Ec Club Meeting

"A Trip to Central America" is on the program for-the regular March 10 meeting of the Home Economics Club.

Regional Banquet Planned For Tomorrow

"Count Well The Cost" will be

the theme of the 1959 Regional Youth Conference Banquet tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the McPherson Community building.

Following the banquet, Rev. Earle W Fike, Chicago, will speak on the subject "Blessed are the Extravagant."

Carl Harris, president of Macol-lege student body, will be the master of ceremonies.

The banquet program will include a number of selections by the College Ladies Trio, the presentation of new leaders, and the regional speech contest winners.

The banquet meal will be prepared by the First Mennonite Church ladies of McPherson. On the menu for the banquet are ham. scalloped potatoes, peas and carrots, raspberry-apple sauce, rolls and butter, gingerbread, and coffee or milk.

Becthel Attends Mother’s Funeral

Dr. Kenneth C. Bechtel attended his mother’s funeral at Saxton. Penn. Thursday. March 5, Mrs. Susan Bechtel, his mother, passed away Monday, March 2.

Dr. Bechtel left for the funeral Wednesday morning by plane and returned this morning to the campus.

The Wesleyan movement in England began when a little group of college boys, of whom John Wesley was a member at 26. Charles Wesley, at 23 and George Whitfield at 20.

In the matter of religion, youth is speaking out in no uncertain terms. Youth is asking for a demonstrable religion, a religion judged less in terms of profession than in terms of action.

To older people, particularly to Christian people, the youth of this generation constitute an unparalleled opportunity.

Thus new tides of thought and interest may be destructive or they may be helpful. Whichever course they take is largely dependent upon the attitude of the older generation.

A little sympathy and understanding will go a long way toward enabling the youth of this generation to give of themselves in Christian loyalty to the task of making this world a better place in which to live.

New Sharp Begins Saturday

One of the highlights of the conference will be the groundbreaking ceremonies of the new Sharp Hall at 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. Trustees, faculty, students, and city are invited to participate.

Appearing on the program will be the Macollege Brass Quintet composed of Gary Stelting, Bob Dell, Irvin Wagner, Marvin Weddle, and Glen Ferguson. The fellows will present two selections,

Paul Sargent, president of the board of trustees; Andrew Bre-myer, mayor of McPherson; Carl Harris, president of the student body; and Dr. D. W. Bit-tinger, president of Macollege will give comments at the service.

A dedicatory prayer will conclude the ceremony.

Church Plans -March Services

Topics for the Sunday services at the McPherson Church of the Brethren have been announced, Morning

March —

15 — "What Is Man” — Rev. Dale Brown

22 — "Failure of Success" — Rev. Dale Brown

29 — "After 25 Years” — Rev Harry K. Zeller Afternoon:

March 8—3 p.m., The Friends University Symphonic Choir Evening:

March 8 — "The Faith Has Kept Me" — Rev. Harry K. Zeller

15 — "Am I My Brother’s Keeper" — Rev. Dale Brown

22 — Union Holy Week Service at the Free Methodist Church. Rev. Richard Gollinger of the Topeka Church of the Brethren will speak.

29 — No service planned

Industrial Arts Prof To Return Monday

S. M. Dell, professor of industrial arts education, has been attending the Adult Seminar in Washington. D.C. the past week. The Adult Seminar is sponsored by the Church of the Brethren.

Prof. Dell left Iowa last Sunday after holding a scries of clinics several Iowa churches with four other members of the McPherson College faculty. Prof. Dell plans to be back on campus Monday.

Conference Speaker

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Pondering With The President

Welcome Regional Youth

By Dr. D. W. Bittinger

It is good to have several hundred of you on the campus this week-end.

While here we suggest you:

Make a host of friends.

Have a good time.

Look over a good college; meet the students     and professors.

Play some, pray some, deepen your spiritual life.

Help us break ground for a wonderful new building.

Make some good resolutions about going to     college.

Make a dedication of your life which will determine the direction of your entire future.

God bless you and give you a great weekend.

Younger People Make Historical Happenings

The following comments concerning the younger generation were taken from a recent church bulletin.

It is a striking thing to go back through history and discover how many of the great movements in the history of the world have been, strictly speaking, youth movements.

This is particularly true in the field of religion. The movement that Christ started, after all, was a youth movement. He entered His ministry when He was 30. He finished it when He was 33.

It is worth while knowing that He was crucified not by the youth of Jerusalem, but by the elder statesmen of the church — the Scribes and Pharisees.

Along in the middle ages when the religion of Christ was cluttered by the great mass of orthodox debris, the Protestant reformation came along. To lead that reformation, there was another younger generation.

Martin Luther started the reformation at 31. John Calvin join ed it at 20 and wrote his greatest book about it' at 23.

Ed. at Iowa State summer school.

In 1954 Rev. Fike assumed the pastoral work at the Church of the Brethren in Meyersdale, Pa. After three years of service there, he accepted the call to the Chicago church.

Connell’s Corner

The family telephone, an instrument used by all ages, was first used on -March 10, 1876 by its inventor, Alexander Graham Bell.

Bell spoke into his invention with the following words: “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.”

The first telephone switchboard for commercial service was placed in operation at New Haven, Conn., with 21 subscribers in 1878.


Do you complain because it now costs you four cents to mail a first class letter instead of three as had in the past prior to last August?

Until July 1, 1847, the rate of postage on a first class letter under one ounce and composed of a single page and mailed less than 30 miles cost 6c.

Legislation was enacted on March 3, 1847, authorizing the postmaster general to issue stamps. They were first placed on sale in New York City on July 1, 1847.

Pardon, A Mistake

The name of Gary Stelting was accidentally omitted last week from the list of the team captains for the Call Program sponsored by the MCA.

Singing Quakers Give Sacred Music Concert

The Singing Quakers symphonic choir. Friends University, Wichita, will present a concert Sunday, March 8 at 3 p.m. in the college church.

The choir will present several groups of sacred A Cappella music. a short oratorio. Miriam's Song of Triumph by Schubert, and a group of familiar hymns and spirituals.

The choir will be directed by Fred Mayer.

Students, faculty, and public are invited to attend. A free-will offering will be taken.

Mac Bulldogs Clinch Second Berth In KCAC

The McPherson College Bulldogs finished the ’58 - ’59 basketball season with five straight victories to cinch second place in the KCAC.

Ottawa lost two one-point games to McPherson and College of Emporia in its last few games, but still took first place in the conference race.

The standings for conference gomes of the KCAC:

Crowned Heads Reign At Event

Diane Browning and Ivan Pro-chaska were crowned Queen and King of the 1959 M-Club Canival last Friday night at the peak of activities. Jerry McPherson, president of the M-Club, presented the King and Queen, and gave each a gift from the M-Club.

Queen Diane then drew the ticket for the diamond ring. Dennis Dirksen matched his ticket with the one drawn and was presented the $100 dollar diamond ring. Dirksen can have the ring in while gold, and the donator will fit the ring free of charge.

Other activities attracted many people. Al Guiot won the pieeating contest and Larry Sams exhibited his pitching abilities. Ralph Rindt was presented a dollar for winning the free-throw contest. He hit 19 in-a-row.

The M-Club took in approximately $135 from the Carnival. The money is used to pay for a • $1800 washer and dryer, which must be paid for in three years, and for various other activities.

Definition — Efficiency Expert: A guy smart enough to tell you how to run your business and too smart to start his own. (T h e Reader's Digest)

Girls’ Varsity Finishes Season On 6-2 Record

McPherson Girls’ Varsity Basketball team finished their season at Central Feb. 28. McPherson won 51-31. When McPherson played Central before McPherson won 60-32.

JoAnn Kerr was high for McPherson with 16 points. Sharon Schrock had 12, Sandy Schrock 9, Marlene Klotz had 10 and Delores Lehman had 4.

This game closed the season with 6 wins and 2 losses. McPherson won twice over Central, Sterling and Tabor and lost two times to Bethel.

Les Says - - -

Last week's game with Friends University brought to a close the '58-'59 basketball season for the Macollege Bulldogs. But the close of the basketball season is a far cry from the end of intercollegiate athletics for the year.

Too many students are unaware of the effort top-notch Macollege athletes put forth to represent their college in spring sports. Macollege participates in many spring sports such as track, tennis. and golf.

Take a walk out to the north end of the campus some afternoon and observe your classmates working to get themselves in shape for the stiff competition which they will be facing in the conference in spring sports.

Better yet. fellas. Coach Smith says that they still have enough track suits for more participants so if you have enough time to walk over and observe, walk in and take part and get yourself in shape.

School Support

It is the opinion of this writer that the spring sports of this school do not get the support and backing which they should get from the student body. The boys are working hard for the school, so the school should be behind them 100 per cent and show it.

When the golf team comes home victorious from a match they deserve words of praise from the whole student body. If they are not successful, encouraging and backing from their fellow students will help spur them on to another win.

The same thing holds true for any of the springs sports. You have seen how a strong cheering section helps the boys in a basketball gome or football game and it will help give a boy an extra burst of speed at the finish line.

No matter which spring sport it happens to be. let us as a student body get out and cheer the boys every chance we have. The cheers and support of the student body will help the boys give Mac a victorious spring season.

-L. A. Z

Macollege Cagers Watch NAIA Games

The Macollege basketball team will be in Kansas City Wednes day to watch the NAIA Tournament. The team will watch eight games, beginning at 10:30 a.m

The trip for the Bulldogs is the courtesy of two local banks.

Whirley's team went into the Regional Tournament with one of the top cagers benched with a sprained ankle. The Windom team entered the tournament Wednesday night as underdog against the higher rated team from Tescott.

Whirley is also the assistant football coach at Windom. The Windom football team finished the season undefeated. Bernard is the head coach for track.

Besides coaching. Whirley tea ches four hours of general business which includes bookkeeping and typing. He also taught driver education the first semester. Mrs. Whirley tenches English in the Windom system.

While attending Macollege, Bernard received all conference honors two consecutive years. He made the second all conference team for the '56-’57 season with an 18 point game average and made the first team for the '57'58 season with an 18.2 point game average.

of age.

Applications may be secured from the Institute of International Eeucation, 1 East 67th Street, New York 21, New York. Final selection of awardees will be made by the Canada Council in Ottawa.

New Mac Catalog Now Being Printed

The new McPherson College catalog for years 1959-60, 1960-61 is now being printed.

Mrs. S. M. Dell. Dean Wayne F. Geisert, and Dr. D. W. Bit-tinger supervised the catalog.

Prof. Richard Slimon created some original art and a design for the red cover.

Eight pages of pictures will be included in the catalog, and a type of non-glare paper has been chosen for pages.

Courses are organized into areas instead of being in alphabetical order. The names of the courses will be bold faced.

Education Professors To Attend Conference

Dayton Rothrock, assistant professor of education, and Merlin Frantz, associate professor of education and psychology, will be attending the Regional Conference of Association for Student Teaching at Kansas State College, Manhattan, Saturday, March 7.

Several teachers from the local schools will also attend the meeting.

Macollege Grad Coaches Team To Regional Meet

Coach Smith Asks For More Trackmen

Coach Sid Smith reports that 31 athletes have checked out for track this season. He urges any others who have any ability, and even those who do not. that there is still plenty of room for them.

The team is working into condition for the first track meet, which will be after Easter vacation.

Windom High School is playing ball in their regional conference this week under the leadership of Bernard Whirley, '58 graduate of Macollege. Whirley is presently coaching and teaching in the Windom High School.

Bernard, who won all conference honors two years at Mac. coached his team to top position in their conference with a conference record of eight wins against two losses. The team had a seasonal record of 13 and six.

Whirley's team won first place at the district defeating first Rox-bury and then Walton. Windom played host to this tournament where their team defeated two teams coached by Macollege grads.

Roxbury, the first team Windom faced in the district tourney, is coached by Gaylen Rodgers, a '58 graduate of Mac. Walton, the team Windom defeated to take the tourney, is coached by Glen Gayer, a Mac graduate.

Delk Captures Scoring Title

Ed Delk, McPherson College senior, captured the Kansas College Athletic Conference basketball scoring race with 23 points per game. Delk scored nine points in his last game to bring his career total to 1500 points, near a school record.

Delk averaged almost 5 points more per game than his nearest competitor, Gary Robinson, Bethany, who had 18.4 points per game. Bob Knight with 17.7 and David Owen with a 17.0 scoring average, both of Ottawa, are in third and fourth place.

Don Wedel, Bethel, averaged 16.6 points per game: followed by Jim Kern, Baker, with a 16.1 average. Jim Freeman, C. of E., was the only other KCAC player to top 15 points per game. He averaged 15.5.

Delk scored a total of 621 points in 27 games, 197 more than the second leading scorer. Robinson of Bethany, who played 23 games. Knight, Ottawa, was the only other to top 400 points in the conference.

Canada Grants Aid To Students

Five new fellowships for study in Canada in the fields of the arts, humanities, and social sciences for the academic year 195960 were announced by the Institute of International Education. The application deadline is April 15, 1959.

The scholarships are offered by the Canada Council for the Encouragement of the Arts. Humanities and Social Sciences. The stipend is $2,000 for the year plus round-trip travel. The Council may consider renewing an award for another year upon evidence of satisfactory work.

Candidates applying for academic study can do so only for work leading to a master’s degree or the equivalent. Awards for academic study will be made subject to admission to a Canadian university. Students applying for institutions where French is spoken must demonstrate a good knowledge of the language.

Preference for the awards will be given to those under 35 years

South Is Scene Of Agriculture Meet

John Ward, director of rural life, and Alvin Willems, assistant professor in industrial arts and mechanics, left Wednesday to attend the conference of the National Association of College Teach ers of Agriculture.

The conference is being held at Bera College, Berea, Ky., and is composed of the teachers of agriculture in colleges that are not land grant colleges.

Mac Men Participate In AAU Tournament

Ed Delk and Jerry McPherson arc playing basketball for the McPherson Legion in the Kansas AAU tournament in Wichita this week. The team played its first game Wednesday evening against the Lebo Hawks.

The McPherson Legion team is made up of past and present collegiate cage stars and is coach ed by Coach U. S. Grant. The tournament in Wichita will be the 14th tournament for Grant with the Legion team.

March 6, 1959

The Spectator, Page 4

Meeting Bible Leader Is Native Iowan

Rev. Warren Hoover

Warren W. Hoover. Bible Leader for Regional Youth Conference this weekend, grew up on a farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, graduated from McPherson College and married Ruth Lichty also from Iowa in 1947.

In 1948, Rev. Hoover enrolled at Bethany Seminary in Chicago, after a year of public school teaching and a summer of BVS.

Following Seminary graduation. Rev. Hoover went to the Root River Church of the Brethren in Preston. Minn., as pastor. He is still serving in this location.

Rev. Hoover will be heard in the Bible Hour twice during the conference — at 8:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday in the Church of the Brethren sanctuary.

Profs Learn New Tilings, Too

Among the faculty members there is a social organization which meets monthly for “enlightenment in areas in which they are not well learned,” This group is open to all members of the faculty and their husbands or wives who wish to attend.

The meeting at Vaniman Hall begins with a planned potluck meal after which there is an educational discussion. So far this year the majority of the programs have been presented by the faculty members themselves.

Prof. Paul V. Sollenberger, assistant professor of music, explained jazz and what it is. Prof. Richard Slimon, assistant professor of art, told about interpreting modem art, Dr. John Burkholder, professor of biology, discussed fluoridation.

Rev. Harry K. Zeller talked to the group about Russia and a lawyer presented the legal knowledge the average man should know.

This is the second year this group has been organized.

Coming Event Preview To Be Seen Tuesday

A preview of the three-act play. “The Hasty Heart,” will be given in chapel next Tuesday.

On Friday. Rev. G. A. Zook will speak on "What Easter Means to Me” taking the viewpoint of a minister.

Chaff Plans . . .

Conference Chaos

Former Student Completes Training

Harold Groves, former Macol lege student, has completed a nine - week training program for BVS at New Windsor, Maryland. He has been assigned to work at the Inner-City Protestant Parish. Cleveland, Ohio: and will serve for approximately 22 months.

Harold is the son of' Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Groves, Waka, Texas. He is the graduate of Spearman High School, Spearman, Texas, and attended McPherson College for one year.

The Inner-City Protestant Parish was organized in Cleveland. Ohio, in Feb. 1954. It relates the Gospel to the total life of the men. women and children living in the overcrowded and deteriorating areas of the city.

The Inner-City Parish today is

Sophomore Wins WCTU Contest

Ed Longmire, sophomore from Dallas Center, Iowa, was the winner of the local alcohol contest sponsored by the WCTU last Monday. The title of his oration is “One View of Life.”

Faye Fields, sophomore from Wichita, was second and Veneta Howell, sophomore from St. John, was third. Faye’s oration was "The Little Brown Jug." and Ve-neta’s, “The Easy Way Out."

Prizes furnished by the WCTU were $7.50 for first place and $3.75 each for the other two.

Judges for the contest were Mrs. Chester Gleason, Dr. Burton Metzler, and Prof. Dayton Rothrock.

Quad Deadline Is March 13

The deadline for this year’s Quadrangle is March 13. The new Quadrangle is scheduled to come out in May and will contain 104 pages.

Ron Harden, editor of the 1959 Quadrangle, states that the cover for this year’s Quadrangle will be different. Don Hollenbeck is associate editor; Ken Tompkins, business manager: and Pat Huber, assistant business manager. Also working on the staff are Donalda Arick, Eddy Longmire, Rita Smallwood, and Mrs. Homer Brunk, sponsor.

Don Hollenbeck will become editor next year and Pat Huber will be business manager. A new associate editor and assistant business manager will be chosen by the Board of Publications this spring.

College students who wish to have individual prints of the class pictures taken for the Quadrangle may obtain them from Don’s Studio.

made up of six churches and centers. Its program includes worship services. Sunday school, family counseling, teen-age p r o-grams, camping programs a n d group activities for all ages. Harold’s mailing address is: Harold Groves Inner-City Protestant Parish 4514 Franklin Blvd.

Cleveland 2. Ohio

Urban Sociology Class Will Visit Chicago

Dr. Kenneth C. Bechtel will accompany t h e Urban Sociology class on a field trip to Chicago. They will leave the college campus by car Wednesday afternoon. April 7.

The group plans to visit such places as Skid Row. juvenile court. Board of Trade. Hull House. Ghetto Area. Chicago Tribune, and the Gold Coast and slum area.

The majority of the class plans to go. The group will return to McPherson early Monday, morning, April 13.

By Faus, Foley, and Harris Dear Conference Guests,

Inasmuch as multitudes have bored you with long, hollow welcome speeches, let CHAFF be the first to wish you a safe and speedy trip home.

Since we ourselves come from a humble background, we know what confusion you must feel upon being thrust into this teeming multitude, this boiling melting pot of inhumanity.

Key Spots

In order to set you straight, CHAFF has listed a few key spots on campus that you must visit before leaving.

1.    Get a liberal education, learn some of the finer arts, discover techniques for successful living, visit Dotzour Hall at closing time.

2.    If you need a place to take your date after the evening programs. CHAFF recommends the museum on fourth floor Harnly Hall. It has several giant skeletons guaranteed to frighten your girl.

3.    The Pit. which is located northeast of Harnly Hall. This is where all freshmen who flunk first semester English are taken out, shot, and cremated.

4.    No one should miss the nerve center of the campus, Chaff's headquarters in room 410 Dot-zour. Special hours for this week only are 12 midnight to 4 a.m.

For your enlightenment, a book display has been set up in 410. featuring such recent best sellers as: "How to Cut Corners on Your Tithing," by R. Gordon Yoder: "Ten Reliable Ways to Wreck a Local Youth Group," by Ken Holderread: “How to Expand Your Local Church Through Use

of the Church Loyalty Oath,” by the General Brotherhood Board.

Chaff Supplements The Regional Executive Committee, which dictated the religious experiences of the region, has said that the conference program should offer something of interest for everyone so that all may participate and gain something of value.

Therefore, CHAFF, as a public service, has done voluminous research and has scheduled some special events to supplement the weaker spots on the conference program.

Like, for instance, this afternoon. they are having a speech contest on the topic "Dare to Be Different.” Now those of you who really dare to be different should come with us down to the park where we will have a gala grasshopper fry. Afterwards, Rabbi Schnitzel will speak on the topic, "How to Stand Out as a Heretic in Your Local Church.”

Now tonight they're having a band concert down at the community building. For those of you who are tone deaf, (and that includes half the band) we are planning a stomp next door, featuring Chauncy Hippner and his Pink Mountain Playboys, playing earthy music.


Saturday morning they are having a business session. You might as well attend it. After your activities of Friday night, you'll

Jacobson, Guthals

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Jacobson. Elmo, Kas., announce the en-gaement of their daughter, Mildred, to Mr. Colvin A. Guthals, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Guthals, Elmo.

Mildred is a sophomore at Macollege while Calvin is farming near Elmo.

A summer wedding is being planned.

need the extra sleep.

Saturday afternoon, the trustees are holding a ground breaking ceremony for the new Sharp Hall. Of far greater importance for the future of the college, however, is the ground breaking for the Chaff Tunnel, to connect the church basement to Dotzour Hall, and to provide 24 hour access to the church basement.

This groundbreaking will be held in the church basement at 4 p.m. You don’t even have to dress up to attend this ceremony. Just bring picks and shovels.

And in closing, we wish that when you leave you at least can say with truth and integrety, "I attended one meeting."

The average American: A person who works himself to death so he can live.