Four Students Complete Work

Four students have completed their work for graduation at the end of the first semester. They will participate in the graduation exercises May 31, 1959.

Wayne Grossnickle from Laurens. Iowa, completed his work for a B. A. degree in economics and business administration. Ar-lie Thiessen also completed requirements for a degree in economics and business administration.

Doris Peltzman, McPherson, has completed work for a degree in education and psychology. Gary Rogers, Downs, is graduating with a major in industrial arts.

Bittinger Featured Speaker At Birthday Dinner

Dr. D. W. Bittinger, president of Macollege, is the speaker of the evening at the approaching annual Birthday Dinner at the College Church on Sunday. Feb. 1. His topic will be "Hard by the Sheep Gate.”

Rev. Harry K. Zeller, Jr., will be the master of ceremony. Music will be presented by the college Varsity Mixed Quartette. A nursery will be provided for the small children.

A surplus of food will be brought by the church people for the college students, and all are invited. The Social Committee, headed by Mrs. John Sheets,

is fixing the main dish, a meat casserole.

The rest of the menu, to be furnished by the church family will consist of cottage cheese — pineapple jello salad, relish plate, and apple or cherry pie.

An offering will be taken. All of the offering above the expense of the meal will go to the benevolent giving of the church.

The Birthday Dinner had its beginning several years ago when all the people of the church were divided into the various groups according to the month of their birthday. Since then it has changed until it is now simply a family style dinner.

New students preparing for second semester studies at Mac are from left to right in the first row: Ivan Rahn, Inman; Kenneth Watson, Bloom; Jane Beaver, St. John; Norman Stockham, McPherson; and John Dilley, Kansas City, Mo.

Back row: LeRoy Kingery, Greene, Iowa; Norman Johnson, Shawnee, Okla.; Dick Sitts, McPherson; and Kelly Day, Warrensburg, Mo.

Old Students Among New

Seventeen new students help to comprise the second semester enrollment. Among the group are some former Macollege students.

Eight of the ten new freshmen students are from Kansas They are: Jane Beaver, St. John; Robert Fagerquist, McPherson; Gale Walle, Culver; James Vick, McPherson; Kenneth Watson, Minneola; Donald Fairchild, McPherson; Dick Sitts, Conway, and Norman Johnson, McPherson.

LeRoy Kingery, Greene, Iowa and John Dilley, Kansas City, Mo., complete the list of fresh man.

Sophomores are: Georgia Bengston, Sebring, Fla., Ivan Rahn, Inman, and Ronald Bachman. Ankeny, Iowa.

Blanca Paoli, Chicago, Ill., Kelly Day, Warrensburg, Mo., Robert Myers, Little River, and Norman Stockham, McPherson, complete the new student list as juniors.

Freshman Make Up Majority Of Enrollment

According to the Registrar’s Office there are 400 regular students enrolled for the second semester of the 1959 school year.

Composing this group are 155 freshmen, 100 sophomores, 79 juniors, and 66 seniors.

Twenty-five special students are also enrolled which brings the total enrollment to 425 for this semester.

Volume XLIII

McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas, January 30, 1959

No. 16

Home Ec Club To Be On TV

Participating again for the Community Window TV series. McPherson College will have the program February 5, at 4:45 p.m. on KTVH. Channel 12.    

This program will be sponsored by the Home Economics department. with Miss Mildred Siek and LaVena Murrey in charge.

Frantz To Receive Doctor Of Education

Dr. Bittinger Ends Trip

Dr. D. W. Bittinger, president of McPherson College recently returned from a three-fold trip to Illinois and Virginia.

The Rev. Harry K. Zeller, Jr. joined Dr. Bittinger in Elgin, Ill., where the executive committee of the Brotherhood Board met for two days. Brethren Service and missions were, discussed during this time.

The second part of the trip took Dr. Bittinger to Chicago where the deans and presidents of the Brethren Colleges met. Also meeting with this group were one trustee and one faculty mem ber from each of the colleges.

Representing Macollege were Dr. D. W. Bittinger, president; Dr. Wayne F. Geisert, Dean; Mr. Paul Sargent, trustee; and Dr. Raymond L. Flory, faculty member.

Plans for future college work were 'discussed. Financing the colleges, where to find more faculty members, and how to meet the needs of future students were topics of the day.

Roanoke, Va., was the last stop on Dr. Bittinger’s trip. Twenty-five churches met at this time

Catalog To Be Published In Spring

A new McPherson College catalog will be published this spring. Dean Wayne F. Geisert states that the catalog is being completely revised.

The catalog will have a new design on the cover, and the entire appearance will be changed. Different styles of type are being used in the body of the catalog.

Chile Get-Together Held For New Spec Staff

Fifteen members o the Spec staff met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Brunk for a chili supper. Monday evening.

The meeting was a get-together for the members, and to introduce the new officers and re porters to the staff.

“Hasty Heart” Dates Set For Earlier Time

March 10 and 11 are the newly announced dates for the spring three-act play. The comedy-drama: "The Hasty Heart", by John Patrick will be presented on the McPherson Chapel stage.

Mr. Peter Coulson, assistant professor of literature and drama, will be directing the production.

MMF Presents Music At Cedars

The Missionary and Minister ial Fellowship presented a program of music and devotions to the residents of the Cedars Wednesday evening. The program, which was mostly music, began with devotions led by Pat Morris.

A small choir made up of members of the Fellowship group sang several hymns. Emile Rowland and Dick Landrum sang a duet. The rest of the music consisted of group singing led by Vena Catherine Wray and accompanied by Mrs. Pat Morris

Ethan Gramm announced the numbers. Vemard Foley gave a sermonette, and Glen Faus closed the program with the benediction.

This is the first in a series of monthly programs planned for the Cedars by the Fellowship group. The Steering Committee of the group plans each program. Members of Steering Committee are Bob Dell, Glen Faus, and Dick Landrum.

Hubbard, Draper Chosen For Spectator Positions

Eleanor Draper, a freshman from Eldora, Iowa, is the new assistant business manager for the Spectator.

Eleanor was active in high school in drama and she was a member of the National Honor Society. She has had previous reporting practices in high school as well as on the Spec.

She belongs to the Pep Club, Skate Club and M.C.A. Eleanor’s favorite sport is basketball and her hobby is reading.

for a Brethren Service Institute.

Dr. Bittinger returned to the campus Jan. 26 after completing his one-week trip.

College Calendar

Tonight, Jan. 30, basketball with Friends at Wichita. A game begins at 3 p.m.

Tomorrow, Jan. 31. basketball with Tabor at Hillsboro.

Tuesday, Feb. 3, basketball with Baker at Baldwin.

Friday. Feb. 6, movie in chapel.

Eleanor Draper Ass’t. Business Manager

Second Semester Proves Work For Music Groups

Merlin Frantz, associate professor of education and psychology, will be in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Jan. 31. He will attend the commencement exercises in which he will receive his doctor of education from the University of Nebraska.

The music department of the college has been preparing for several events to take place. The quintet will be leaving Jan. 31 for a week tour. They will pul on programs at a number of cities in Oklahoma.

The quintet includes Gary Stelting, McPherson, Bob Dell, McPherson, Marvin Weddle, Bloom, Glenn Ferguson, Des Moines, Iowa, and Irvin Wagner, McPherson. The quintet will be accompanied by John Sheets.

They will leave Saturday. Jan. 31 and will return Sunday, Feb. 8.

The weekend of Feb. 14, the ladies trio will be leaving for a tour. The trio includes Norma Watkins, Welda; Carolyn Fill more, Belle Plaine; and Pat Al

bright, Pretty Prairie. The tour will be made through (Missouri.

The trio also prepared a tape for KFBI radio. The tape was a half hour program of music given last Sunday, January 25.

The band has been invited to give the major production for Regional Youth Conference on March 6. They will be assisted by the A Cappella choir in the presentation of “The Naughty Marietta." Prof. Sollenberger will have a violin solo, and Irvin Wagner will play a trombone solo in the production.

There will be a student recital presented on Monday evening, Feb. 9. It will be given by a number of music students.

Volunteers Needed For Youth Conference

Volunteers are needed for the various committees for this year’s Regional Youth Conference to be held the first part of March.

The various committees are to serve the first part of March. The committees are Details, headed by Ken Thompkins, Banquet— JoNelle Thoreen, Publicity—Gail Fillmore, Worship — Bonnie Lewis, Music — Norma Watkins, Display — Joyce Ulrich and Karen Yoder, Skits — Vemard Foley, Ushering and Transportation — Melvin Roberts, Registration — Don Hollenbeck, and Lodging — Glenda Wine.

Anyone interested in serving on any of these committees is asked to either sign one of the lists which will be located in the Cafeteria or on the bulletin board in Sharp Hall, or is asked to sec Ken Holderread, Regional Youth Director, Ken’s office can be found in the basement of Sharp.

Mac Sophomore Is New Father

John Gordon is the name of the new baby of Mr. and, Mrs. John Brand, 1010 E. Euclid. The baby was born on January 24. and weighed 7 lbs 51/2 oz, at birth. It is the Brand's first child. John is a sophomore at Macollege.    

Pop Plows Thru Snow And Wind — Shield

Thursday. January 22, turned out to be a rough day for Mr. Elmer (Pop) Ruhser, maintenance man and house parent of Arnold Hall, when pushing snow off the parking lot in front of the college courts.

He hit a raise in the concrete which threw him through the windshield cutting his forehead and taking the top off his nose. He has had eight stitches in his forehead, but the top of his nose is still missing.

Dennis Hubbard Campus Editor

Dennis Hubbard, a Macollege freshman, has been selected Campus Editor for the second semester Spectator staff. He took over his duties Monday, succeeding Faye Fields who has advanced to the position of Managing Editor.

Dennis is from Hugoton and has had past experience in journalism. He worked on the annual publication paper in high school and also on the Hugoton Hermes, his father’s paper. He reported some on the Spec last semester.

Dennis is a probable business major. On campus he is active in Chapel Choir, Church Choir, and intramurals.

SoCo Releases Dates For Movies

The next campus movie will be shown in the chapel Friday evening. Feb. 6.

The Social Committee lists the dates of other movies this year to be shown in the college chap-el as Feb. 20; April 4, 18, and 24; and May 8, 16, and 22. The names of the films will bo announced later.

Social Committee members are Linda Royer, chairman; Faye Fields, secretary-treasurer; Pat Albright: Eddy Longmire; Lorry King: Miss Doris Coppock; and Prof. Alvin Willems.

Pondering With The President

Thank You

A lot of people at the college do a lot of things behind the scenes which help the college family in its unity, its progress, and enjoyment. It is a privilege to say, "Thank you,” once in a while.

To the retiring editor of the Spectator and her staff, we say a hearty, “Thank you,” for a job well done.

To the incoming editor and his staff, we say a hearty "Welcome,” and extend enthusiastic good wishes. We anticipate good Spectators, interestingly written, attractively laid-out, and filled with campus news and opinion.

Let all of us support these people, give them news, read the paper, pat them on the back for the long hours of work they put in.

Let us do this also, for the many others who help to make life smoother for us.

Mrs. Martin Finds Her Choice Profitable

Mrs. Alice Martin, registrar, had a rather unique experience in November. She received a letter on the 24th from TIME magazine asking her to send the name of her candidate for the “Man of the Year”.

If Mrs. Martin chose the same as the editors, she would receive a perpetual calendar as a token prize.

The “Man of the Year”, was to be announced in the first issue of TIME in 1959. by placing his picture on the cover of the magazine.

Mrs. Martin chose the “Man of the Year — 1958” as Premier Charles deGaulle of France. Her choice was the same as the editors.

Mrs. Martin received her perpetual calendar along with congratulations from the editors of TIME, for choosing the key figure in the news, and helping to

name the “Man of the Year.” Some of the past men who hove been chosen as “Man of the Year” are Khrushchev. Dulles. Adenauer. Churchill. Truman Eisenhower, and Roosevelt.

Connell’s Comer

Sunday, Jan. 25, was the beginning of Youth Week. Churches throughout the land participated by allowing their youth to be in charge of morning worship services.

The McPherson Church of the Brethren was one of these such churches. The youth department was in Charge of an interesting service with three presenting sermonettes.

Monday is the day on which, according to popular superstition, the weather can be forcasted. According to belief, on Feb. 2, the ground hog emerges from his winter burrow; if he sees his shadow, he returns and winter will last for six more weeks.

If the day is cloudy and he does not see his shadow, he remains outside, anticipating an early spring.

The legend is considered an American variation of the belief, long cherished throughout Christendom, that a sunny Candlemas (also Feb. 2 ) portends a cold spring.

A new semester means another new editor. One soon finds out that there is more to editing a single issue than meets the eye.

While writing this column I am wondering what should happen if my reporters fail to report. Each reporter plays an important part in each issue. Together they form the hub of the spinning wheel of a good paper.

Park Speaks At Booster Banquet

Dr. No Yang Park will be the speaker at the Booster Banquet. March 14, at the Community Building, McPherson.

The annual banquet is for the boosters of the college with the town cooperating with Macollege in sponsoring the meal. Students may also attend. The first Booster Banquet was held in 1931.

The speaker. Dr. Park, was born in Manchuria of Korean parentage. He was educated in China. Japan, and Korea as well as holding a Ph.D. from Harvard.

His address will be of Oriental philosophy with comparisons between the Oriental and American cultures.

Wichitans Interview Student Teachers

Representatives have been on the campus to interview student teachers for future jobs. Two representatives from Wichita were on campus.

Mr. Fred Colvin, assistant superintendent in charge of personnel in Wichita, and Mr. Pyles, the new principal of South East High School in Wichita visited the campus for interviews.

Recipe Of The Month Stars Lemon-Apple Pie

The Nancy Haven Recipe of the Month features lemon-apple pie.

You may wonder at the unusual combination of ingredients for this pie — the recipe is one from Grandmother's files which Nancy Haven, regional home economist of Western Beet Sugar Producer, Inc., believes you’ll like.

Filling for two-crust pie

2 eggs

11/2 cups beet sugar 1 cup chopped peeled apple 1/2 cup cracker, crumbs cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon grated lemon rind

(2 lemons)

1 tablespoon melted butter or margarine

Beat eggs and beet sugar together in mixing bowl; blend in remaining ingredients. Pour into

pastry-lined nine inch pie plate; cover with top crust.

Read and heed the Spec ads.

Dr. Charles Romine who represents the suburban area around Denver also visited the campus to make interviews of future teachers.

Braves Lift Bulldog Scalps In Close Shave
Macollege Bulldogs Meet Quakers In Maple Tilt

Quad Contract Signed By Publications Board

The contract for the 1960 Quadrangle was signed January 16. Don Hollenbeck, sophomore from Udell, Iowa, will edit the year-book. Patricia Huber, sophomore from Elida, Ohio, will be the business manager.

The Ottawa University Braves managed to keep their first place in the Kansas Conference, by defeating the McPherson Bulldogs 88-84, last Saturday night at Ottawa.

Ottawa now has a 5-0 conference record, also collecting its 20th straight conference victory. This defeat gave the Bulldogs a 3-2 conference record and a 13-4 for the season.

McPherson jumped off to a good start in the opening minutes pulling a 16-3 lead over Ottawa, but at the half time, Ottawa had

Donkeys Make Basketball Team

Sponsored by the sophomore class of Windom High School, basketball on donkey-back will be seen Jan. 31 at the high school.

"Donkey Ball" is owned and managed by Cliff Dunham of Crescent, Okla. Mr. Dunham furnishes the rides, but the town must furnish the riders.

the Bulldogs saw action in the game.

Students Continue Practice Teaching

Three students who will be continuing their practice teaching this semester are Carl Ediger in biology, Bernice Singleton in commerce, and Howard Clements also in commerce.

New practice teachers are Howard Duncan in chemistry, Joan Johnson in English. Joan Walters in English, and Mrs. Viola Sprague in English.

The students will be practice teaching in the local McPherson High School.

Macagers Clip Coyotes In High-Score Tilt

The Macollege cagers tromped over the Wesleyan Coyotes Tuesday evening 96-58. The Bulldogs took the big lead in the second half, after a hard-fought and very close first half.

Mac lead at the close of the half by only one point, 35-34. The Bulldogs got off to a slow start trailing Wesleyan in the early minutes of the game. Fouling was comparatively low in the first half with 10 for the Bulldogs and nine for the Coyotes.

Three of Coach Smith’s cagers scored in the double figures. Ed

CBYF Cabinet Members Elected For Semester

The CBYF cabinet members will meet at Vaniman Hall at 7 o’clock Sunday morning to reorganize the cabinet.

The new members of the cabinet are Gail Fillmore, Bonnie Lewis, and Terrell Phenice, Retiring members of the cabinet are Pat Albright, Jim Freed, and Don Hollenbeck.

The first meeting of CBYF this semester will be Feb. 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the church social rooms.

Read and heed Spec ads.

The Macollege cagers will travel to Wichita Friday night to meet the Quakers of Friends University. The Quakers went down to defeat twice last season at the hands of the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs first defeated the Quakers in a hard-fought 80-71 battle. The next time the two teams met, the Bulldogs trounced Friends 102-72.

Coach Smith's cagers will also travel to Hillsboro on Saturday night to meet the Tabor team for the third time this season The Bulldogs first met Tabor in Mac’s season opener defeating them 88-77. Mac again defeated Tabor during the Moundridge tourney 92-66.

Football Men Receive Awards

Twenty - six members of the Macollege varsity football squad will receive varsity awards earn-ed during the 1958 season.

The men receiving the awards are as follows: Dennis Brubaker, Dennis Brunner, Donald Cotton, Edmund Delk, Don Elliott, Gene Elliott, Max Grossnickle, Wayne Grossnickle, Leroy Hayes, and Richard Heidebrecht.

Bryce Heinz. Rick Hood. Daryle Howell, Marvin Keck, Gordie Lewis, Jerry McPherson, Larry McPherson, Darry Melton, Ivan Prochaska, Thomas Ragland, Thomas Richards, Larry Sams, Larry Schlehuber, Ken Stucky, Larry Werner, and Donald Willits.

Eight men will receive provisional letters, the provision being that if they return and letter next fall, they will receive the privileges of a two-year lettermen. The boys receiving these awards are as follows: Arthur Chilson, Al Guiot, Roland Kali-voda, Sheldon Livengood, Leon Redko, Ralph Rindt, Larry Wei-bert, and Timothy Wesselowski.

Engineers Wanted By Civil Service

Civil Service Commission reports much enthusiasm has been shown in its new examination aimed at recruiting and identifying young engineers and physical scientists with outstanding ability for research work.

Government scientists and personnel officials and college placement officers and department heads have indicated considerable interest in the examination and its possibilities for attracting candidates with the desired potential.

College seniors and graduates have been submitting applications for the first examination to be held in February 1959.

Unusual features of this new examination include use of a test which has been developed as a means of identifying candidates with imagination and potential for important research work, and provisions for higher-than-usual storting pay and promising assignments.

Those appointed will work in top laboratories in the Washington area with some of the nation’s foremost scientists.

Engineering and physical science seniors and graduates who wish consideration for employment are reminded that their applications must be on file by March 3, 1959.

Further details are given in Civil Service Announcement No, 175, which may be obtained from the college placement office.

gained to a 40-38 lead. It was a close game all of the way.

Dave Owen of Ottawa was high point man of the game and for the Braves, with 26 points. High man for the Bulldogs was Ed Delk and Gifton Baile with 25 and 21 points respectively.

The box score:

Delk lead both teams in scoring with 34. Brunner and Heidebrecht had 14 and 11 respectively. Two of the Coyotes scored in t h e double figures.

The Bulldogs started the second half off with a bang holding the Coyotes down to only four points in the first ten minutes of the second half. The four points the Coyotes made were on free throws.

The Mac cagers outscored the Coyotes 61-24 in the second half with almost every man who ployed for Mac scoring. Twelve of

The Spectator, Page 4

January SO, 1959_

Chaff Weeps . . .

Groaning Over Grades

By Faus, Foley, and Harris

In the days of old it was said unto us by the prophet Finkle-stein, "Woe unto ye, students of McPherson College, for the day of reckoning shall come, and the fatal Thursday shall descend upon thee.

"On that day the grades shall be issued unto thee, and there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and couples shall depart into the outer darkness. Miss Neher’s light shall be beamed into the darkness, and the couples shall heed it not.

"For when the fatal Thursday hath descended, even then the axe shall be laid to the root of the trees, and every tree therefore that hath not bom good fruit shall be cut down and thrown into the fire."

And yet another minor prophet. Florynius, hath spoken and said, "Ye brood of vipers, bear fruit that befits repentence.

"But there is one coming after me who men shall call Geisert Disgust us, who is mightier than I, the thong of whose whip I am

not worthy to tie. And the col lege shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called blunderful counselor, flighty clod, the everlasting bother, the prince of fleece. .

"His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the granary, but the Chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire."

And yerily, the words of the prophet Finklestein have been fulfilled. and the fatal Thursday hath indeed descended and wrought a plague upon the campus.

And truly, truly we say unto you, on today, which is Black Friday, this plague shall bo sent to the uttermost ends of the earth, for the epistles of grades are being sent into the households of all the disciples of learning.

And so the dark warning of T. F. M. S. L. hath come to pass, and today is THE FRIDAY MCPHERSON STUDENTS LOATHE.

Bookstore Hours Set For Second Semester New bookstore hours for the second semester have been announced by Garland Wampler, bookstore manager. They are as follow:

New Doghouse Hours Announced By Boss

New Doghouse hours for the second semester have been an nounced by Dick Reinke, Dog house manager.

Hearts, Gifts Work For Macollege Girls, Too

February 6 will begin the annual "Heart Sister Week." It will begin by the drawing of names by all the girls in college.

During the following week, the girls are to do favors for their "heart sister”. They may buy treats for them or try to help them in any way.

The "Heart Sister Week” will close with a party on Feb. 12. The girls will disclose their identity to their "heart sister” at this party.

The "Heart Sister Week” is sponsored by the Women’s Council.

Round Robins Re-Unite For Fun-Filled Evening

Virginia Royer To Speak At MMF

Virginia Royer, past Director of Christian Education in the Wichita Church of the Brethren and in the Dayton. Ohio Church of the Brethren, will be the guest speaker at the Feb. 2 meeting of the Ministerial and Missionary Fellowship.

Miss Royer, who is presently employed at 'the Y. W. C. A. in Wichita, will speak on the theme "The Opportunity and Challenge of a Director of Religious Education."

The meeting will be held at 7:00 in Vaniman Hall. Everyone who is interested in the ministry. missions, or other full time Christian vocation is invited to begin attending the second semester.

Wallace, Willits United In Marriage

Delores Wallace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wallace of Des Moines. Iowa, and Donald Willits, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Willits, McLouth, were united in marriage Jan. 23 at Stover Memorial Church of the Brethren in Des Moines. Iowa.

The bride was given in marriage by her father. Janis Ems-wiler of Froid, Mont., a junior at McPherson, was the maid of honor. The bride’s brother, Eu-

McPherson Graduate Honors Former Teacher

G. Winston Cassler, a 1927 graduate of McPherson College, recently published a book of improvisations for organ, which he dedicated to Dr. Jessie Brown, who for many years was professor of piano at McPherson Col-lege.

The book. "Organ Music For the Church Year," is published by the Augburg Publishing House, and is subtitled Improvisations by G. Winston Cassler.’

The dedication reads as follows: This book is affectionately dedicated to Jessie L. Brown Mus. D. (Professor Emeritus of Music. McPherson College) whose encouragement and continued interest have been of great inspiration and value to this musician.

Eight former students of Macollege experienced a reunion last Saturday at the McPherson College - Ottawa University basketball game at Ottawa. The group met for supper at a hotel, attended the game together, and were again together after the game.

All but one of the eight graduated from Mac in either ‘38 or ’39. Since that time — 20 years— they have corresponded in a Round Robin letter which includes three more couples. Both men and the women are writing in the letter.

Those from the Round Robin who were at Ottawa are: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mohler, Warrens-burg, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Ira Milton Hoover, Plattsburg, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Herpich, Manhattan; and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Yoder, McPherson, Eight of the group’s children were also present.

Five other couples joined the group last Saturday. These were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baile, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baile, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Baile, all of War-

rensburg, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Hoover, Plattsburg, Mo.; and Mr. and Mrs. John Sheets, McPherson.

It is the hope of the Round Robins to meet next summer in the middle of July at a campsite, according to Mrs. Gordon Yoder. There will be 32 in all at this gathering. This number will include all the children of the couples.

Macollege Freshman Speaks- In Oklahoma

Guest speaker at the Pleasant Plains, Okla., Church of the Brethren, last Sunday, was Vena Catherine Wray, a Macollege freshman.

Vena spoke on her 15 months Brethren Volunteer Service work in New Windsor, Md. She worked as the switchboard operator and desk clerk for the center.

gene Wallace was the best man.

The couple are now at home at 8031/2 N. Walnut in McPherson. Don is a sophomore in college and Delores is employed at Farmers Alliance.

Read and heed Spec ads.